Creak of the floor boards.

Predator in the shadows,

Preparing to strike.

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The Soldier



Life behind bars

Just for what he stands for

Because he loves his country

And fought for her safety

Just to come back

For them to hate

He risked his life for them

But do they care?

No, they call him a reprobate


A weapon

Nothing more than an item


He tries to walk away

On what’s left of his legs

Sacrificed for his murderers

Given for them

There goes my hero

Watch him as he falls

See the tears roll from his eyes

As he keeps living

As he keeps fighting

For what is right

As he keeps hoping

That death comes swiftly

A man who fought for his country

To find he wasn’t part of it.

His Final Revenge

The rain pours on a solemn face
His final revenge remains so sweet
To disappear without a trace
A victim walks beneath his feet

He who lives below the sun
Knows nothing but himself
To he who knows but anyone
He suffers from your health

He who cannot hear or see
Lives to speak a final word
His final word that speaks to thee
To thee who only overheard

The rock that kicks the person's feet
The sun that sings the heavy tones
A life of crime he soon shall meet
His life will fall just like the stones

The crows that have blood ready eyes
The pathway seems so clear from now
And grey clouds formed into the skies
Hearing screams of why and how

The pinnacle of easy that sits and laughs
The pinstripe suit that mocks his worth
No tears been cried on his behalf
The fat cats full with men of earth

The shadows filled with his demise
Where the chew toy of a man doth lie
His eyes fill with our despise
With knife in hand his freedom die

The rain pours on a solemn face
His final revenge remains so sweet
To disappear without a trace
A victim walks beneath his feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Co-write with Colt

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That night

I rock myself to sleep at night
As I watch the stars come in to sight
And I think and I wonder of what might
Happen on this starry night

I awaken to the morning, bright
And try to think of that night
The dreams I had, that brought such fright
That eerie scream I heard that night.

I walk around and in my sight
A body laying pale white
With crimson that glows in the light
What had happened on that night?

When asked of what I saw that night
I said with tears and in great fright
“I’ll tell what I know of that night”

I believe I played the part just right
Afraid, shy, it was quite a sight
For after they left my face grow bright.
It was I that did this on that night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I couldn't sleep

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