speak up

for the haters please stand up

Poem again lol


I love my life and walk it

Live well until I heard the bell ring

Ain't no sting of any flesh that can catch this

RIP Christina Grimmie♡ 

Like a semi you hit us love

The love of God

So your heart was good 

But your soul is at home

And for all I known is there as well 

I will meet and see our Father God

LOL to haters you just don't get it

But I don't expect it

I know I'm reckless

My message I sure not mention 

Because I need an inervention cause I speak like a christian 

My doctrine and my views make me sound like a hypocrite 

My decision I chose makes me feel no sight more light

Soul flying higher and beyond a kite

Told hater on skype

Grew angry like Satan's will

Who's love is greater than my Father's 

I heard a wallow and no answer

Advanced spiritual 

Can't get better than my memories

Memories of great thoughts

To sell my soul short never

But something better

I measured the love and faith

I deal I would not escape

Profess all day everyday

No one can make me feel the way my Father does 

Knowing there is trust and love and all thee above

I feel this is truly home.

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No matter how hard the boy tried

The other children didn’t seem to accept Tim

After school, he went home and cried

Because the other children made fun of him

As he grew up, it all became worse

Fists to his face, tape on his glasses

He prayed for the end of his curse

Prayed for his safety between classes

But they didn’t stop, he kept on crying

Pushes in the halls, books to the ground

They crowded around him, their fists flying

Beat until he didn’t make a sound

He came to and went home

Said he couldn’t take it anymore

Why did he deserve to be all alone?

He opened the bottle and began to pour

The white pills that would help him die

First in his hand, then down his throat

No hope, no regret, he didn’t even cry

After all, who did he have to keep him afloat?

One person is all he needed, one friend

But no one spoke up; they just stood to the side

One person could have prevented his end

A person who could have at least tried



Author's Notes/Comments: 

If only people would just speak out.

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I kept on looking, wondering

Who could love me

I finally got to a point

Where I figured it wouldn’t be


I don’t know how or why

I finally got to that point

I just figured I would

Just stay in this joint


Of being here and believing that

Maybe I wasn’t ever to find love

That’s when I finally woke up

Felt like someone had given me a shove


Because I realized you were always there

And just waiting for me to speak up

So I finally did, 11 years later

That’s when I finally spoke up


And said what I feel

Just hoping against hope

That you would feel the same way

That’s when I put myself on that rope


And just jumped wondering and hoping

That you would be there to catch me

And I found to my amazement that

You have always felt that way for me


So we began dating that night

I still feel like I’m flying so damn high

Even though it’s been days and nights

So now I know, is all that’s left for us is to try


Even though at this moment you’re so far

I know that in a few months you’ll come to me

And that’s when we can finally

Be just who we wanted to be



Written on

March 10, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about my current boyfriend. He seems to have become a muse for me.