i don't know why

i don't know why

people always hurt me

when i'm trying to make them happy

make everyone happy

make everything fine

but they always destory everything

my happiness

my hope, everything

i don't know why

friends give me encouragement

and when i'm confident to do that thing

they just make my idea flop

my whole work flop

they don't how i struggle for it

at that time i feel fire in my heart

and nobody there to give water

to stop that that fire

to give water to my thirsty throat

but everyone is there

to set fire in my heart

to burn my chamber of heart

i don't know why

when everything going good

they hurts me

and at that time theres nobody to stop my tears


i don't know why

people always hurt me

when i see a beam of light for me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this things happen with with me nowadays when i become a little happy everyone hurts me at that time ......my family and friends everyone

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