Birth of Light


The light pierces the thick midnight
Everything is all right
Back is tight from the tension
Of not understanding
The end of this dark road
It tickles at the mind
Rather makes me scream at the horror

The lead is out of me, the dead weight of you
Is gone as the fire dies
I am lost, a ghost within my own world

From the shiny future I have made
It blinds me
Bends all my reasons to the correct morals
All my fight has been staled

All ties to you have been cut
Making my gut sour free
The acid of all the sins
Melt the pins from the heart
Freeing me from the chains
Breaking the gin bottles
To make a pretty smile
Out of the shards

There are no more kisses
From poisonous lips
I don't dance on ragged blades
I run in the blue
Too bad you cannot see
Me this straight

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