I gave it the thought
And I dove right in
but pulled out at the last second
'Cause I knew I'd never win

Then she threw me a curve
by returning my glances
Now everyday goes by
and I think higher of my chances

Things start to go better
and I can't believe we're here
she's laying in my arms
And the world disappears

The next morning arrives
I wake up overjoyed
but she gives me the news
That she can't leave the other boy...

I sit in a stupor
let down yet again
but the heart wants what it wants
And it hopes it'll win

She's the only one I want
And I'm torn in two directions
I'm just hoping that some day
she'll decide love's worth the chances...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I'm really into a girl... she's really into me... but she's got another guy... I'm emo right now and this is what came out in a matter of about 2 minutes XD

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