unrequitted love

A Lady Fair

A Lady Fair

I am in love with a fair Lady

But it is not meant to be

From up on her pedestal

She could never see me

  • All the other Knights she sees

    She does observe and adore

    But she could never love

    A poor wandering troubadour

  • I tell her of my true feelings inside

    I do not know if she understands

    That the songs and poems I write

    It is my love for her that guides my hands

  • Her face out shines that of an Angel

    Her glow comes from inside

    If she was ever to look my way

    I would be so mystified

  • If she ever slips off her pedestal

    And to the earth she does fall

    I will be here always to catch her

    My love for this fair Lady is above all

  • "Lasts"

    There is a feeling of missing love ,
    A kind for which I can only replace from Above.
    You are missing and I recalled,
    The lasts, until the fall.

    The dance; you pushed me away,
    The calls; you would not take.
    The last intimacy, you bargained to fain,
    A door closed so I surrendered to pain.

    The last kiss...........I cannot recall.
    And perhaps that - is the worst last of all.
    ~ Estaban Ztruck

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    - but i still miss her.

    to be with you


    i want nothing more than to be with you
    to be that soul that you cling to
    to be the light behind your eyes
    to be the girl you call your prize

    i want nothing more than to be with you
    to be the hand that pulls you through
    to be there when you need a laugh
    to be your wanted other half

    to be the one you hold so tight
    to be the one i see in the morning light
    to be your there for all you do
    i want nothing more than to be with you

    to be the one that you adore
    to be the one that makes your heart soar
    to be your love and to stay true
    i want nothing more than to be with you

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    nov. 2, 2011

    i just wanna be with you, and i know deep down you want to be with me. just be honest with yourself and let the past go.

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    Dont Look Behind



    The sun fades and wont be bright again

    It doesn't catch my eyes and find me gazing into the distance

    The silence, the darkness hangs close and cant be shaken

    I wont ever wonder if your smile was for me

    it never was

    Pushing forward desperately

    The past a grave, buried long ago

    Broken hearts continue mourning

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    dedicated to the soul mate whose promises quivered and fell away in light of reality.

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    To Bleed Love


    She taunts me with her curves,
    she whispers to me sweet nothings,
    she holds me in bed and loves me,
    but I cannot love her, for she is dead.

    Just a ghost lingering in my room,
    She bled my love away.
    Now her soul is so far away from me,
    I cannot stand to be without her.

    Her ghostly form holds me,
    yet I feel nothing but her cold embrace,
    it hurts me that she bled my love away,
    and I shall never see her face.

    Now I sit alone and pained,
    with no love or life to gain,
    So I wait to Bleed My Love,
    To Bleed My Love...away.

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