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Sitting next to the creek. Spending time with my son and my boyfriend. Cookies [chocolate chip! yummm!] Ice Cream. Drawing/Coloring. Writing. Meeting new people. Trying new foods. Energy readings. Music. Friends. Swimming. Romantic sex. Steak. Laughing. Crying. Living. Screaming.

Pretty much all i can say about myself is that I'm a unique person. Something that most people don't realize unless they know me. I feel that the best way for you to get to know me, Is through my poems. I put on a masked smile every day for the world to see, But its hard for anybody to really see deep to my core.

I hope you all like them.
Dont forget to comment, etc.
Love you all & thank you for the support!
xoxo Aura

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(About my navel) ^^^^^^^^^hahahahaha WTF?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ really? it looks like a damn belly button

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Im strong, Because I am weak. Im beautiful, Because i know my flaws. Im a lover, Because im a fighter. Im fearless, Because i have been afraid. I am wise, Because i have been foolish. And i can laugh, Because i'v known sadness. -unknown.


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