Dream Big


please, chase your fate
  and do be brave
as though it is
   the latest step
that you can take
   on here and there
because it's fair
   and you may dare...
the life is story of some soul
  and audacity of men
   who had once dared to
   chase their fate
 will speak for them
  and will inspire
 the other mate to hit the gate...
the gate is way to catch
  the light
which grant you wings
  and ease the strain
so that the life becomes
 your aim to feel the joy
to love your friends
  and day by day
    to chase your fate...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shumakho Kumykov.

Feel free to comment and criticize. 


I am not native, so don't be strict wink

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Tinyy's picture


It's a really good poem you have alot of talent. Dear NInja sir, dont be so harsh maybe hes definition of soul mate is different than yours? he has already told us that he isnt native maybe its used differently where he is from. You say that you're for spreading positiveness, what are you doing here then? none of that sounded possitive to me. Let me end by saying Shumic I look forward to seeing more of your work. =.]

~ Tinyy