Where Im From

I am from the stars, the moon,

And the evening sky, shining

And gazing down upon the earth.

I am from the lark’s song, from which

Its melody, ladens the earth in serenity,

And transforms the chaos, to peace.

I am from chocolate, the way it melts

In your mouth, and you feel that

Smooth texture, and for one blissful

Moment, you feel good.

From the docks of Maine, I come, where

Nature and its beauty rule.  Longing

To see its elegance once again.

I am from my own peace of mind, calm,

Unique, and filled with the wonder

And innocence of a child.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

prfound piece this one could make the longfellow journal I told you of in my guestbook sign

pudnsis1's picture

I hail from the shores of RI so I can totally relate. I do not miss the cold, but I do miss the Atlantic mist. Thanks for the memory. Linda