Thousands of miles apart
And yet, as I choose, I watch you.
Held within my mind's eye, you reside.
Watching each morning for your eyes to open straight into my own...
Do you know I am there?
Can you feel my breath against your lips
In readiness to share my life,
To give you yours?

Thousands of miles apart
And yet, I walk beside you
In your daily routine.
Ever quiet, never still, for I surround you.
Before you, and all sides, present.
Testing the waters you are to cross.
Do you know I am there?
You have accidentally brushed me,
As you once extended your hand
To greet an acquaintance.
I saw you quickly look...
Cosmic Fusion...
I dared not make acknowledgement
For I am positioned only as a guard,
As the one who guides you on a mission.

Thousands of miles apart
And yet, each night you retire, I pause.
Kneeling with you in prayer to Our Father.
Have you ever heard your prayer echo?
Each prayer you deliver must breeze through me,
For it is I who stands guard over you
As you prepare for evening's rest.
And as you lay down,...
I watch for your eyes to close.

Thousands of miles apart
And yet, I kiss your lids as I position myself.
Do you know I am there, my Love?
Can you feel my breath against your lips
In readiness, to impart my life into you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When two souls have joined together as One through the Divine Spirit, distance cannot separate them.

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"End of the Night"

by Jeph Johnson


Eyes as bright as the end of the night
Shine through tears she cannot fight
Smiles as wide as the oceanside
Contain waves of emotion, yet still the tide...


Radiance beyond the ripples on a pond
Sparkles from her golden sunlit face,
Turning the darkest night to dawn
While warming like the sun with her embrace.


Though night time brings the darkness
The starlight can't compete;
The city lights and moon's glow
Are beneath her feet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 1999 

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Lady Love

She comes quietly from the daylight.

She draws up close with fine perfume.

City sounds fade out of mind

when lady love walks into the room.

She's got a look to put you under

an old spell you can't refuse.

Hungry heats beat like thunder

when lady love walks into the room.

Dream sailor score yourself a lover

the winds of time are blowing through.

There's adventures to discover

when lady love walks into the room.

She's got a solid gold St Christopher

She's from a penthouse with a view.

And every eye will drift to her

when lady love walks into the room.

Bartender pour the boys a buffer

it's another highball afternoon.

They just can't stay undercover

when lady love walks into the room.

She's got fashion rosy color.

She's dancing steps on old new shoes.

So dream sailor score yourself a lover

when lady love walks into the room.

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I walk alone, for I have requested too much from man.

A man of Godly virtues, to hold my hand and walk with me,

the path to heavens gate.

A man of intellect, unafraid of broadening his or my own perspectives.

I walk alone, in faith, till I find a hand to hold.

I walk alone because, only my pen can understand my emotional nature. The ink is the tears it sheds with me.

My body aches at the end of the day, wanting to experience a lovers embrace, so I walk alone to my bedside where I kneel in prayer to God, to hold me, one more time, where in His arms I find everything, because there is nobody to love me like that.

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I have carried you closer than I ever will again.

Sang to you before I was even sure you'd hear me.

And told you my deepest darkest fears and secrets,

Without worrying that you might judge.

I have rocked you longer than my energy would allow.

And known your ways before I ever saw your face.

I have felt your touch, before you were ever aware you had one,

And known your smile in the quietest corners of my dreams.

9 months of discomfort, a mere stepping stone to the years of

Happiness that are sure to follow.

And seeing your eyes, the same color as mine,

Watching you laugh at the oddest amusement,

Trying to look at the world, as you do,

With new eyes and awe,

Gives me hope for tomorrow.

The true meaning of life, new clear to me.

Thank you, son, you don't know it yet,

But you have made me complete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My beautiful son... if you could see him you'd have trouble coming up with the right words, too!

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An ornament, built there upon my wall,

A picture of Creation, in motion.

Ceaseless Perfection...

As I place a single candle upon it's sill,

my docile hands stop.....

temporary inaction,

a moment for contemplation before

a sure strike of a match sets atop it,

Divine Reflection.

Conscious action taken with a hope

which will expound to the outer world

the firey noble birth of love fueled by

the sweet nectar which has rendered my heart

to a state of Unity to all who view.

My window, not only an ornament for my own


My window, the picture of my heart...

where it waves to the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To tell you I love you all.

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If love is like the water rippling at your feet, then why are the waves roaring?

  Time is in the hands of the hour glass, the sand is trickling down to it’s end.

One begins to wonder why they can not turn the sands of time to it’s rightful side.

  The side that shows no evil.

The one that does not stop flowing unless held in the wrong hands.

  Where are your sands?

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The Storm


The rain softly drips into the gutter

The sun is caught behind a puffy gray cloud

The grass is thick and damp

The sky thunders , as if in pain

The storm has passed

The beautiful bright yellow sun

Streams out into the blue sky

The birds sing of happiness

A small drop of rain slowly makes it’s way down the edge of a bright green leaf

A bright colored rainbow forms at the edge of the earth

The children come out to play

Water gently flows down the edge of the road

The storm has passed

It had become too old

It left behind

Something bright, beautiful and bold


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Last night,

The sun sinking on the horizon,

Flirted with the end of day.

Dropping in a curtsey of soft light,

As it played hide and seek,

Down behind the Elms and Oaks.


The sun blazing on the horizon,

Glared and scorched at the coming of night,

The Elms and Oaks all afire with light,

As the sun dropped behind them,

Dying,in a deep gash of cut throat red.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just amazing sunsets,
The CotswoldsU.K.

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