Your eyes,
like quick pools drew me for capture.
Pending extraction; to my Genesis you delved,
uprooting the secrets of my soul.

Not without pain, nor tears.
A cleansing of Deaths' footsteps;
Who tried desperately to trample into darkness
any chance of, your sunrise in me.

With only your portrait in thought,
Your eyes held me...
like quick pools of Divine Love,
as you watched me spread wings and fly
from the outer brinks of oblivion.

To your vision, I hold...
Listening, to the rushing rivers I am yet to cross.
Only by faith in our love, can I cross;
to know the eternal baptism waiting for me within,
the quickpool of Your eyes.


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Your shudder clicks me and...

I am exposed to strobes of your light.

You process me and...

I gently develop with every tickle of your touch.

You wash me and...

I am saturated through to my soul.

You hang me and...

I hover in your utopia.

Your artistic eye captures me and...

I am still life.

Forever perserved in your perspective.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

capture the moment

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sky is dark

stars out full force

lights blink

letting us know

their location

night travel

people flying here and there

strangers to each other

sitting within inches

making their way

on some trip

idle conversation

passing time

flying to distant shores

night travel

one of the most

beautiful and spiritual

experences you could ever have

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by watching the planes that fly in and out near my house.....

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"Poem for Jannine"

by Jeph Johnson


I wanted to write a poem for you
across the table from me
and all I could say is
everything at once
in my silence I settled for:
"you're pretty...very pretty"
but that does no justice to the night
or your smile
and I want to
some night
all night
comment on your eyes
until they change color
in the sunrise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Jannine, circa 2001 

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This past week has taken a great toll on me. My mind and my physical body have felt no greater fear than what it is feeling at this moment. Yet in the center of all this chaos, I have found the Eye of the Hurricane.

I AM: "Don't move Valerie...
Be steadfast and the violent winds will not harm you.
Believe in what I have shown you within yourself.
Although now it may only seem as a dream, or a faded memory of a dream, this is My gift. Not received by all, but has been given.
Keep in constant conscience that only a thief would hide his treasures. Stay steadfast in your new knowledge and let go of the desire in your heart that will kill you. For in letting go, you will then receive all that you truly desire.
Though you have traveled the back roads, you have, remained constant in heart. This, is your passage, know it to be.
Set forth in action, and remain constant in faith. You must use this gift also as your weapon for your most fierce battle, your armageddon, is yet to be fought, and the field is your soul.
Be strong and know that you cannot lose. Only the ignorant are your enemies and they have already lost eternal life, yet their battle remains strong against you. The stronger their fight, the greater your faith must stand."
"Hear ME"  "for I am That, I AM.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

September 1995: Beginning of a major Spiritual Transition

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I have carried you closer than I ever will again.

Sang to you before I was even sure you'd hear me.

And told you my deepest darkest fears and secrets,

Without worrying that you might judge.

I have rocked you longer than my energy would allow.

And known your ways before I ever saw your face.

I have felt your touch, before you were ever aware you had one,

And known your smile in the quietest corners of my dreams.

9 months of discomfort, a mere stepping stone to the years of

Happiness that are sure to follow.

And seeing your eyes, the same color as mine,

Watching you laugh at the oddest amusement,

Trying to look at the world, as you do,

With new eyes and awe,

Gives me hope for tomorrow.

The true meaning of life, new clear to me.

Thank you, son, you don't know it yet,

But you have made me complete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My beautiful son... if you could see him you'd have trouble coming up with the right words, too!

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Prayer to the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy

Divine sweet mother, Beloved Quan - Yin,

Great Goddess of compassion and mercy,

Tenderly beautiful Bodhisttva.

"She who harkens to the cries of the world."

Clutched safe to your breasts the "Waters of Life."

In your vase, you guard so carefully,

You pour forth a stream of healing waters.

All things are blessed with spiritual peace.

You lovingly hold a sheaf of ripe rice,

As a metaphor for fertility,

And hear the anguished cries of all beings,

Seeking the insights of ancient dragons.

The delicate willow branch, a symbol

Of the divine nectar of all mankind.

A dove for fecundity and a scroll

Filled with wisdom, of Dharma and Sutra.

A being of the "bodhi", or knowledge,

Once destined to become a great Buddha,

You have foregone the bliss of Nirvana

With a vow to save all children of God.

Essense of Mahayana Buddhism.

Recognized as " the white robed honored one."

Protectress of women and lost sailors.

Merchants, artisans glorify your name.

Oh beautiful Buddhist Madonna,

Accept these words as my prayer to you:

"I love the Love of God in this my soul."

"And I love the Love of God in all souls."


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a great respect for all religions which is the reason i have have not chosen one for myself.
This particular deity of the Buddhist religion, I very much admire.

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"Like an Angel"

by Jeph Johnson


She walks like an angel
Almost floating by
She sings like an angel
Serenades my mind
She talks like an angel
Never asking why
She's just like an angel
Everything complies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 2000 

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Sweep the sands of life.

Surrender, to your uniqueness as a living wave.

Dare to believe in, you.

Dare, to believe in me when I tell you what love can be.

Trust me to hold your hand, when the only light is that from the moon.

Let us join, heart to heart with hands grasped in an unquestionable alliance. Such as the eagle soars confidently the lift of the thermals' so let me, walk with you my brother.

Let me dance with you in the meadow to the larks tune.

Dare to hold my hand in this walk, let us dare to move closer and dance through the meadows where the lark sings, to the rhythm of the universe.  

As the waves sweep over the sands surrendered in the rhythm of the universe, so too, let me walk with you.

Hand in hand, let us string-course as a living wave across the shores of life. Let us, sweep the sands.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still on my soapbox...

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