Paler Colors of Life

The reds and yellows get all the attention

While the orange and purple stand tall.

The lilac is popular, so is vermillion

And cerulean is valued by all.

But the dull little spots of hooker's green

That make up the foliage and grass,

Are ignored in the overall scan of the scene,

And often completely bypassed.

The paler hues like the muted blues

And a peach or a pink...ah! you've got it,

May not be as bright, or as garish and light,

But try to paint a sunset without it!

God is an Artist whose example I use

When in doubt how to layout my canvas.

His palette is great with the choices He makes

As He takes up His brushes to paint us.

There are mousey ones stuck in the background,

There are firey ones making the news,

Then the classier muted and bland ones,

Or the blue-blooded, rich ones to choose.

Sometimes overlooked in life's picture,

Are the plain, old, everyday pales,

But they are the strong ones who'll weather

All the hardships and life's stormy gales.

I wish we could all just remember

When we look at our myriad friends,

Bright and bold may be beautiful,

But pale hues give depth in the end.

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michael's picture

So True. How sad to turn away from what is perceived as dull of colour. Well said madam poet