Satanic Serenades

Noctuary, Noctuary

Black flame burning in My Mind

How many spells cast & fortunes told

By the glow of your dim light?

There within shadowy chambres

Recesses in the black

A soft light there shown

A cyclopse tapping through the night

A lambent world possessed of wonderous delights

The slither did some hither

And took to Me as My own

A gleam in thine narrow eyes did belove My heart

And those who scurry one to another

They chew on flesh & bone

The flying one so filled with joy

Repleat, the lust for life

Opulent ones of Bastian soul

Black & grey they wandered

To join Me as the Rites were said

To part the Gates asunder

What dread words are writ above

To frame the four-sealed wonder

And what dread seal enscribed thereon

Upon the blackened Altar?

Dimly lumanescent eyes

Gazing from the Darkness

Hulking apparition shown

Black horns in defiance

And staring down beside Him now

Ready to the pounce

A crouching phantom of winged fang

Pale with eyes of blackest coal

So many nights there filled with grace

By candle's flame & incense climb

As the world sleeps, that is My time

Amidst the headless cross

Beneath Bathsheba's face

Of which no mortal can erase

There lays the blighted place

Noctuary, Noctuary

Still you haunt My brain

The days & nights awash in red, black, & amber

The scent of Magic in the air

The undulating flesh

The fount of pleasure overflowed

Upon the cup of Nectar

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An Ode to Black Heaven on Earth, The Haunted Noctuary, My Total Environment & its ghoulish inhabitants.

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