It's 5 AM as I open my eyes
and it's you who is on my mind.
But, who are you?
I have no picture to pull from under my pillow
and whisper, "happy birthday dear."
I love you, far or near.
I prayed we would be together this day,
but it wasn't to be.
Are you still searching, for me?
So lonely here
with you so far away.
Or are you near and our paths have not yet crossed?

Wondering, what are you doing my love?...

As I walk to my kitchen and make,
coffee for one.
With a deep sigh and a single tear,
a fleeting thought of two,
if you were here.

I hear the birds beginning to caw,
like miestros commanding the sun
to orchestrat over the hillside.
One by one awakening to join the chorus
in unison, so demanding their call for the light.
Their song sweeter than the
ting, ting, ting on the sides of my cup.
Sweeter than the warmth on my lips,
more savory than my first sip,
but nothing sweeter than my thoughts of tasting
our first kiss.

I send a kiss to the sun,
carried by the gentle wings of a whisper....
Io ti amo, amore...
God's speed and, Happy Birthday.

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Laurie  Lane's picture

I just love the way you write. The choice of words you use. The way you arrange each piece and make it soul touching. Nice poem.

Walter Bjorkman's picture

Valerie, multi bella - pardon my erronious Italian I can hear the spoon on the cup Walter