Be My Date

Ugonna Wachuku


Smile your smile.
Be your real self.
Dream your dream.


Do your kind thing.
If you wish, get angry.
Let-off steam. But don't
heap it on me. You can
let the pigs at Decapolis
have it. I wouldn't mind.
But wait, people could


Anyway, life goes on.
Just don't let it go on

as usual. Do something
different. Build new dreams.
Plant roses and its thorns.
Be good to somebody. There
are so many hurting souls
out there.


View sprawling landscapes.
Watch eagles and me soar.
Smell the luring earth.
Till the soil. Plant new
crops. Watch them grow.
Eat no junk food. Care
for your life and body.
Don't mind the cat story.
You aint got nine lives.


Do something different,
my dear. Listen to the
whistling pine. Hear
the waterfall draw patterns
and streams throught the
forest. Admire the dolpins. 


Cherish and uphold heaven's
love for humanity. Reach
beyond the stars. Let God's
breath lead you on. Just be
willing and available.

Climb unbending mountains and
hills. View the valley. Have
hope. Build love. Just love
those little children. Show
them the good, loving way.
Stop hatred and racism.


Build mansions of peace and
brotherhood over terrorism.
Do something different,
beautiful one. Just do
something different, humanity.


Listen to my heartbeat in
its loving rhythm. Be my love.
If you will. Just be my date,
beautiful one. Kingdom one.
Smiling faces and beating
hearts are waiting:


Just be
my date










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Karyn Indursky's picture

This was a refreshing poem. It was nice to see a man with intelligence and heart.

Ale Wachuku's picture

Just one request...
Can I be your date???!!!

Misha B's picture


Your words are so beautifully and well crafted. You are clearly inspired. A worthy date indeed!

write on,


Chelsea N.'s picture

I really loved this poem. The way the words flow, and the emotion with which they are written is so beautiful.
Awesome! (try the dictionary menaing of awesome :P )
Worthy of Awe Ugonna :)
I loved it!

mariliyn's picture

i love this poem one of the best i have read and i also love the ending so very much bravo times 100

mwhatim's picture

sometimes in this world full of hurting souls it is not always easy to remember the beauty around us....dreaming new dreams at times seems more like a chore.....but thank you Ugo for reminding me of the way to go!
stay safe :o)

Douglas Lazard's picture

Ok ...You have convinced me... I'll be your date!!
(Hee Hee..)
But really... I think that this poem shows maybe more than other's of yours I have read, just how deeply felt you're convicitons and caring really are. The momentum build's like a fantastical musical score... Only to end in a whisper... I like that!

Peace and love my friend
~~~~ Dougie ~~

Lesa Gay's picture

"Build new dreams" That really hit home. I am just in the process of doing that for myself. As everything you post here it leaves me wishing the world could truly be as you describe. A kind soul indeed! ~Lesa~

vjochum's picture

Dear Ugonna,
Just reading this, was the best date I've ever been on.
Glad I read it on your birthday!

Vikki Wachuku-Bradley's picture

I came, I saw, I read. I read the soothing words That gush out of you and, Your creative mind. Words of wisdom- Caring, gentle, Loving, nourishing and, Soothing to the soul. Words so alluring They soothe a lady's mind and soul, And make her want to be your date. And your Guest Book attests to that. There are many a lady, Wishing, and willing, and waiting To be that dream date of yours. I came, I saw, I perused. Now I return To my humble domain- Full of creative minds. My wonderful, Poetic Liaison. Keep up the good work my dear, And the Family Name Aflame. And, remember to be our date someday At our wonderful Poetic Liaison. Best Wishes from Your Aunt, Chidi Wachuku

Farah D's picture

Ugonna! this is inspirational and gives hope to those who read it. I love the way you use different images to encourage the reader. "View sprawling landscapes. Watch eagles and me soar. Smell the luring earth. Till the soil. Plant new crops. Watch them grow" and ofcourse "eat no junk food!!!! " :-) wonderful! sometimes in times of hardship its difficult to be positive but you have shown the way forward by your beautiful poem.

HAWK SQUAW's picture

'if you wish, get angry let-off steam. But don't heap it on me.' I have from the very first time I read your work felt that you were a kind and gentle soul.... reading the new ones you let me know about has convinced me that my inner feelings about you were right on the money..... this is one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have ever read........ you truly have the soul of an artist...... thank you for sharing such loving thoughts and expressions with us here at post poems..... Renee'

Joleen Skerkowski's picture

OH Ugonna, You've done it again.... "Anyway, life goes on. Just don't let it go on as usual. Do something different. Build new dreams. Plant roses and its thorns. Be good to somebody. There are so many hurting souls out there." There are many riveting words here...I like this reference to "do something different"...and "build new dreams".. These touch home.... Thanks for the invite....Joleen

Mona Omar's picture

dear ugonna this poem is very sweet wish you happiness

Misty Lackey's picture

I like these words forget the cat story, you dont have nine lives, isnt that so true? I love a lot of the words in this poem, very well written..

Mary Charest's picture

Beautiful!! I liked the one dedicated to you, also. Will check out that site. Mary

Helen Schmidt's picture

Ugonna, Oh, would that we could all view the world with this kind of care and understanding! Your concerns for nature and mankind are expressed so well in this poem that pleads for humaneness. A pleasure to read and contemplate! Regards, Helen

myrataal's picture

Dove: I build, Ugonna, a Castle of Dreams ... See it; touch it ... hear it Listen: the music of Love lingers there; feel the satin whispers of Light ... I build this castle in the midst of a storm - this Castle of Silence surrounded by the din of Darkness Nest in its loving loft Eagle ... await the Dawn Myra

gentle's picture

Conquer the world. Build towers of steel. Bring about world peace - all these things are wished for to bring happiness to a very special person. But, the most important thing of all, would be to spend the time with someone who cares. What a lovely way to express this simple request. Who could say 'no.' Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Deborah Russell's picture

A beautiful date Ugonna...we should all be involved in those activities and getting dressed for that "date".