smile from a stranger

a stolen glance

can make you feel so alive

a private moment

for only you

can make your heart sing

a few dropped pounds

a new out look

it's all coming together

I'm blessed to watch

with my very own eyes

as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just inspired by something I heard from a dear friend

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Guide me there.

Guide me where hearts hear, and where your spirit kisses

the horizon of our Creators masterpiece.

Be in that place in you, and watch as the warm breeze from your soul I follow, guides me to that place, in me.

Together, each in our own places, we stand joined in the harmony of the horizon, once thought before us; now, is us. Breath your gentle songs down the narrow passage of the mountains, where in soft whistles my heart will

hear the secrets in the notes which ride upon the scale of your soul.

I will sing them back to you in harmony, and you will listen with your heart to your own song being sung throughout the horizon as you guide me,...

to where in that one place you are me, and I am you.

Where no horizon stands before, or between us.  

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fires ignite

hollowing the insides

making it hard

for you to survive

a sign of the Great Spirit

you stand proudly

in a forest of redwoods

a chimeny worthy of heaven

old age, fire, wind and rain

forces that can take your life

fallen giants lie decomposing

releasing their stored up energy

a sign of the Great Spirit

where you once stood head in the clouds

offspring from your root structure grow

some already centuries old

2,000 years old


the sparker of intrest

you were so popular

a sign of the Great Spirit

some one was listening your life saved

home is Big Basin Redwoods State Park

I am in awe of your history

standing taller than any other

is known as Mother-Of-The-Forest

standing 329 feet magnificent sight

your beauty can take my breath

a sign of the Great Spirit

fires might have attacked

but you are healing nicely

amazing adding new layers of wood

today I walked in the presence

of nothing other than the Great Spirit

trees burned now adding new layers of wood

what else can make that happen

a sign of the Great Spirit

beautiful Steller's Jay

gregarious and loud voiced bird

brilliant blue body and nearly black head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Saturday April 21st my honey and I walked along the path and had some nice views of some of the most beautiful trees in the world....

the magnificant California Redwoods.... should you ever make it to this state.... it would be worth your time to see some of these trees....

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Twilight ( Hawaii)

When the twilight came,

It came quietly, easily.

It was as natural as a sunny,

Warm, summery day in July.

Since words cannot purchase feeling,

The way authentic emotion can,

Picture if you will,

A source of light glowing like

A sunrise, a sun at high noon,

And a sun setting low-

All at once.

The baby- new rouge of the new sun,

The golden warmth of the noon time,

And the gentle "so-long" of the rose

In the sky at suppertime's evening coffee...

These were the sensations and colors.

I experienced no fear.

But rather, I was welcomed home.

I felt no guilt.

Instead, accomplished.

At the abeyance of regret,

There was no second guess.

My heart's being was filled with love.

It is all around.

I am not judged.

I am not begrudged.

What we do

Is not

Necessarily what we are.

Our intention is the spark,

And not the ball we carried "this far".

In every life we make mistakes.

The path we take winds and ambles.

Getting to the end is not the goal.

It is the experience on the way.

We do things because we love,

And for being in love.

And yet, we do other things

That hurt people we love because

We think, at times, we have none.

Although i am gone,

I am not lost.

Leaving and arriving

Took but a wink.

It is always only "now".

I am alive, of course.

And I am a well with water,

If you will.

I want you to know

That i think of you still.

And I love you, too.

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The fingers in the hand of an Artist

the strings that fingers have pulled

the music resounding,

This is what I am

when You walk through me...

Nobody does see you

but beneath, intangible,


Your bursting presence

filters its Rays in my Lenses...

New Song of mine, unrallied by instruments.

So alive with passionate rhythm

You lift my soul to dance beyond Angels Reach

Where only Your eyes can see.

That is where I am,

When you play to me...

Far above any visible realm.

I faint at fate, with trembling knees

As You become the artist

And I, Your ivory keys.

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Prayer to the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy

Divine sweet mother, Beloved Quan - Yin,

Great Goddess of compassion and mercy,

Tenderly beautiful Bodhisttva.

"She who harkens to the cries of the world."

Clutched safe to your breasts the "Waters of Life."

In your vase, you guard so carefully,

You pour forth a stream of healing waters.

All things are blessed with spiritual peace.

You lovingly hold a sheaf of ripe rice,

As a metaphor for fertility,

And hear the anguished cries of all beings,

Seeking the insights of ancient dragons.

The delicate willow branch, a symbol

Of the divine nectar of all mankind.

A dove for fecundity and a scroll

Filled with wisdom, of Dharma and Sutra.

A being of the "bodhi", or knowledge,

Once destined to become a great Buddha,

You have foregone the bliss of Nirvana

With a vow to save all children of God.

Essense of Mahayana Buddhism.

Recognized as " the white robed honored one."

Protectress of women and lost sailors.

Merchants, artisans glorify your name.

Oh beautiful Buddhist Madonna,

Accept these words as my prayer to you:

"I love the Love of God in this my soul."

"And I love the Love of God in all souls."


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a great respect for all religions which is the reason i have have not chosen one for myself.
This particular deity of the Buddhist religion, I very much admire.

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Our friendship I've cherished it like it was the Hope Diamond.

Our Love an compassion for each other, is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Mostly being your sister!

Two seperate hearts tied together, Knowing each others Pains an Dreams.

Hoping to never let the Other Down!

Always there without having to Ask.

Just knowing within us, when something is wrong with the other.

Knowing no other could replace what you've given me.

I can only hope you feel the same too!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Best Friend The Person I call Sister

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The wide green pastures, of long forgotten herds,

     The time thereafter, conscience claims unheard.

The fatalistic mistake, to over eagerly partake.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The quest for the stars, the stars in the eyes,

    The eyes in the quest, the I in the lies.

The lack of regret in the need to forget.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The loss of the faith, the cutting remark,

    The needless pretence, the voice in the dark.

The passive violence, the solemn silence.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The careful plan, the cautious chance.

     The reckless attempt, the unworthy flippant.

The foolish vision, the unheeded wisdom.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The tailored suit, the official tie,

     The broken spirit, the lesser life.

The unerring result, the internal jolt.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The limited scope, the mistaken rhythm,

     The mis-begotten hope, the demanding river.

The avenged misdeeds, the relentless disease.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The usurped gifts, the silent curse,

     The unknown allegiance, the borrowed purse.

The careless debts, the wasteful  theft.

     Oh Heavens, Gawd!

     Pardon me Lord!

The indulgent mistake, the selfish thirst,

     The fallen hunger, the unpeakable worst,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How did it ever get this way?

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sky is dark

stars out full force

lights blink

letting us know

their location

night travel

people flying here and there

strangers to each other

sitting within inches

making their way

on some trip

idle conversation

passing time

flying to distant shores

night travel

one of the most

beautiful and spiritual

experences you could ever have

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by watching the planes that fly in and out near my house.....

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