Thoughts of one that lives in a church,

where there are voodoo dolls,

beauty surrounds one so gifted,

gifted, of what you might ask.....

Souls meet for reasons that only they understand,

we are but a mere vessel upon which they ride,

gaining understanding of all the things we say and do,

these souls can help you along the path of all knowing.

Take in your surroundings and see people for what they are,

let your inside eyes see what the person is feeling,

then and only then can you express the feelings you hold back,

once they make their way to the top, take pen in hand and share.

Thoughts from the past.....

things yet to come.....

let your mind wander to places in your mind

write words to be sung by a heavenly choir,

share the love and compassion you have so deep inside,

you can read it in the words, hear it in the voice,

you will know when this happenes to you.........


hold on......

hold on to yourself......

let Sarah McLachlan take your pain....let her share hers.....

a voice of pure feeling and honesty....

sing on my sister.... sing on......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something for yet another music personality..... I know you are getting sick of these.... LOL

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Neon Blues

She stands

    and the night spills

      through her fingers

as electric connections and

    neon musings

    etch her face

in scarlet razored

lines and lace.

Deliberate action takes me

     to her private circle and

I bask in the sun

     that is her smile, her eyes.

     Foraging for her


I’m disappointed,

      denied once again

       the epiphany

of her loving aspirations.

     But I know the

       right of it.

   I know the blues.

And Lucille’s singing


like I knew

    she would.           

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Little beads of jasper

tiny and round

placed on a string

worn to balance

one's life

little beads of jasper

so beautifully unique

no two the same

little beads of jasper

hanging around my neck

looking like a million

maybe strapped around my ankle

little beads of jasper

I imagine many different

ways to use you

it has to be just right

little beads of jasper

your meaning grows deep

healing a soul of love

with your touch upon her skin

little tiny beads of jasper

she will make you

a thing of absolute beauty

you never know what shape

little beads of jasper

embark on the journey.

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by Jeph Johnson


symmetrical shapes smile from Sharon's eyes
and the moment we sustain is immortalized
with intoxicating twinkles of sobriety
that secure the very essence of her eye's reply
to the controversial challenge of my mind's insight
that's the tantamount diversion for anxiety

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Sharon, circa 1999 

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smile from a stranger

a stolen glance

can make you feel so alive

a private moment

for only you

can make your heart sing

a few dropped pounds

a new out look

it's all coming together

I'm blessed to watch

with my very own eyes

as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just inspired by something I heard from a dear friend

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fires ignite

hollowing the insides

making it hard

for you to survive

a sign of the Great Spirit

you stand proudly

in a forest of redwoods

a chimeny worthy of heaven

old age, fire, wind and rain

forces that can take your life

fallen giants lie decomposing

releasing their stored up energy

a sign of the Great Spirit

where you once stood head in the clouds

offspring from your root structure grow

some already centuries old

2,000 years old


the sparker of intrest

you were so popular

a sign of the Great Spirit

some one was listening your life saved

home is Big Basin Redwoods State Park

I am in awe of your history

standing taller than any other

is known as Mother-Of-The-Forest

standing 329 feet magnificent sight

your beauty can take my breath

a sign of the Great Spirit

fires might have attacked

but you are healing nicely

amazing adding new layers of wood

today I walked in the presence

of nothing other than the Great Spirit

trees burned now adding new layers of wood

what else can make that happen

a sign of the Great Spirit

beautiful Steller's Jay

gregarious and loud voiced bird

brilliant blue body and nearly black head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Saturday April 21st my honey and I walked along the path and had some nice views of some of the most beautiful trees in the world....

the magnificant California Redwoods.... should you ever make it to this state.... it would be worth your time to see some of these trees....

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"Night Sky"

by Jeph Johnson


Your eyes are
more telling
than the night sky
when zodiac constellations
drip down your cheek
I connect-the-dots
between your tears
and my fear is confirmed
How I long to fly
into space
to rearrange
the stars for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Your shudder clicks me and...

I am exposed to strobes of your light.

You process me and...

I gently develop with every tickle of your touch.

You wash me and...

I am saturated through to my soul.

You hang me and...

I hover in your utopia.

Your artistic eye captures me and...

I am still life.

Forever perserved in your perspective.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

capture the moment

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Lady Love

She comes quietly from the daylight.

She draws up close with fine perfume.

City sounds fade out of mind

when lady love walks into the room.

She's got a look to put you under

an old spell you can't refuse.

Hungry heats beat like thunder

when lady love walks into the room.

Dream sailor score yourself a lover

the winds of time are blowing through.

There's adventures to discover

when lady love walks into the room.

She's got a solid gold St Christopher

She's from a penthouse with a view.

And every eye will drift to her

when lady love walks into the room.

Bartender pour the boys a buffer

it's another highball afternoon.

They just can't stay undercover

when lady love walks into the room.

She's got fashion rosy color.

She's dancing steps on old new shoes.

So dream sailor score yourself a lover

when lady love walks into the room.

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