Friends of Jesus...

Oh what a special friend we have in Jesus
He will hold us tight to keep us warm
He will dry our eyes from the tears of life's most heaviest storms
He will never lie to your face
Tell you He loves you then stab you in the back
He will never steal from you
But He choose to restore what other will
Oh what a friend we have in Jesus

Can you count the ways
He has saved your life
Or the life of someone you hold close to your heart
How many nights have you cried out for Him
Within an instance you will feel His touch
Glory to His name
Oh how blessed we are to have a friend in Jesus~Eop~

Luke Facing God and Getting Stronger

I bow my face before you Father
Seeking you ceaselessly
Worshiping your presences

My teacher
Please teach me of you word
Help me to study daily
As I walk amongst this earth

My professor
Please help me to strive hard
To know all things are possible
Through the clouds and rain
I can see clearly
When i hide myself with you

My doctor
Thank you for healing my body
Removing all sickness from with in my family
For showing me healing with in your word
For the gift of laying Hands
On the lame

My father
Raised me up to be a loving man
A hard worker
Dedicated to taking care of my family
Thank you for helping me
To break the family chains
The ties that have held us up
For the generational curses have been broken

Thank you for trusting me
With your Holy Sword
As i kneeled down before you
I prayed for your guidance
I prayed that you would see the real man within me
Ever so worthy of your loving grace
As i plead for your mercy
For this world that suffers around me
Let me not fall victim
Or become a static
of blind world tragedies

Facing you was a great achievement
And through your Power
My soul gets strong
Through you blessings
My sons life will be different
My daughter want be without a father
And my wife will know i truly
Worships the ground she walks on
Simply because it is Holy
It is the pillar of dust
From which we come
And one day we will return

I thank you Father
For such a blessed experience
Nothing could have prepared me
For such sweet lessons
To bask in your Glory
As you taught me
As you are still teaching me
Life can only strengthen me
For the ultimate battle
Within myself

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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For my inspiring wife: Alejandra or Morning Dews! 


For her, who in April 2010, successfully fought

so bravely hard to stay on the realm of life in

heaven's amazing grace ...  


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Wherever You Lead

Ugonna Wachuku


The end of the day is drawing near.

The end of dreams and hope is winding

its weary way down green mountain slopes

and lush country-sides.  


There is a windy wave painting patterns

and rainbows on the cute canvas of my

soul. There are birds singing a dirge

for new hope in life.  


With the fresh fragrance of that dewy

despair in your simple soul, you flower

fleeing gardens in the deeper me.

There are bleak roads and bountiful



There are dreams, realities and riddles 

and hope. There are longings and

age-long yearnings.  


Your heart is beating fast.

Mine is beating fast too 

on this trying journey called



Mountains and hills stand tall;

rising so high to kiss the sky's

blue-grey lips. Windows and shadows

open before this road that I have to

take. There are dreams, riddles and

brilliant blossoming hope. 


I ponder at that tasty aroma from the

sweet despair in your simple soul:

Sometimes, it seems all dark.

Somedays, it feels all lost.  


Somehow, it echoes hopelessness.

Somewhere, it shows a world in

hatred; a planet in conflict with

the inspirational breath of her own



Now, it really feels all dark.

Yet, there is a smiling sea of 

love in every human heart: 


I am the light of the world 

on so hopeful hills and 

towering mountain tops. 


There is a life-giving well in

the sea of empty hearts.

There is love and emerald in

your weary eyes.  


Even when they wish you dead,

there are doors to life on

the welcoming threshold of

heaven's lush country-side.  


I know: because, I've been there.

There are new roads of opportunity

and dreams to follow.


There are welcoming nightingales

and caring angels on this avenue

to life and hope, inspiring.  


There are waterfalls and rivers of

love wherever you lead. Wherever

you lead, there are guiding stars

and soothing sea waves on

the blessed beach.


There is peace. There is

joy. There is truth.

There is life - wherever

you lead.  


Wherever you lead:

My heaven's love.

My life.

My saving lamb,

wherever you lead,

I will follow.  


Take my little,

feeble hand.

Take my hungry



Lead me to your

well of life and

hope because there

are smiling handsome

hawks swooping in on

the landscape of my

pleading soul.  


Let me not see these

tall mountains and

howling hills. Be in

my small head.

Let me cast my cares

and burdens on you.

Take my little hand.

Wherever you lead:

I will follow. 


Take my worries.

Take my little,

feeble hand.

I am nothing.

I am empty.

Take my







( )






Wherever You Lead 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Cathy Choffin


Wow! What a wonderfully written testimony. Your every word mirrors my own life, and relationship.  From the very first stanza to the last word, I felt your want to follow. To break free of the hold life so tightly grips on us.  Great poem. Truely blessed am I to have read it.  




Dewey Davis


...a smiling sea of love/in every human heart.. That line, in the heart of this poem, is one of the lines of poetry that one tends to remember forever. This poem put me in a lovely, peaceful place. I can imagine myself inside the beautiful landscape you describe. Definitely, a tremendous sense of inner peace can be found in this poem. Thank you for sharing this. 



Teresa Jacobs


My friend you make me feel good. You paint such beautiful pictures with your words. I am awe struck at the brilliance of this poem. It's meaning is universal. Oh so beautiful is this poem. I must read this poem many times and soak-up the beauty of it's message. Thank you. You are wonderful. 



Robin Schmidt


Well done Ugonna, this is my favorite, of all of your works, and I do like them all. This one simply captured me, it's amazing! Great job! I love it!! It paints a beautiful picture in my mind, that this poem deserves a second and a third read if not more. I have to refer my friend to this poem and to the rest of your brilliant pieces, for I know she too will be swept away by this wonderful masterpiece. Thank you!! Peace and much love to you! 

Yours truly,  

Robin aka Starlite_angel


2002-02-26 15:39:22 


Lesa Gay


Dear Ugona,  

Whenever I get the chance to come and visit you, I leave in awe at the mastery of your words. Such beautiful images you paint and what great truths you leave us with to ponder. 







2003-02-04 03:28:41 


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Ugonna Wachuku


Then, I saw the peaceful
reliable rainy rainbow



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The next time you see a rainbow in the sky,
please, humbly, calmly and praisingly think
of the following Bible verses:  


"Then, God said to Noah and his sons with him:
...I establish my covenant with you:
Never again will all life be cut off
by the waters of a flood; never again will
there be a flood to destroy the earth.
And God said, `This is the sign of the
covenant I am making between me and you and
every living creature with you, a covenant for
all generations to come: `I have set my rainbow
in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the
covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I
bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow
appears in the clouds, I will remember my
covenant between me and you and all living
creatures of every kind. Never again will
waters become flood to destroy all life..."

~Genesis 9; 8-15
The Holy Bible.


What an overwhelmingly and unfathomably

loving God who cares so deeply and so much
for us. These verses are so breathtaking
and mind blowing that when I sat down to write
FOREVER, I could just say it in two lines.
It is the eternally peaceful hope that
I see in this covenant rainbow forever.
It is the hand of God in all of its saving
love and radiant beauty! May humanity deeply
learn the real truth and meaning of the rainbow

whenever it appears in the sky! And bow down in
praise, respect and love for that Almighty I AM who

created all things "bright and beautiful!" 

This was my mind bulging inspiration
for this poem: Forever!  


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