Crazy Monkey Bars

I'm on my shepherd boy swag, King David
Graduated from lions and bears to giants, Sling Major
The barriers been broken, direct access
embracing you haters, make you livid
now i'm educated, here's my ledger
now open the Bible Gates, Texas
The flood will wash away the suds of corruption,
so we wash rinse and lather with the scrub of his unction
so question my connection
I've already cast my vote for re-election
time is our most valuable asset
yet we reject it, waste it, kill it and spend it
rather than invest it
my stock was struck but rebuilt, twin towers
gather around the structure,
as I reveal His powers
it reels men in like fish
to save them from the drought,
he catches us for life and never takes the hook out,
saved from the furnace
we won't be served at the cook out
so stop holding your breath and open the gates
stop the complications and close the casket
and surve the only worthy Father
or face the unfaceable,
a case you can't pay in full,
the kiss of betrayal is nigh upon a raging bull,
who was led like a lamb but raise like a lion,
he will wage war on all enemies of Zion
now go head, decide ur poison
and cultivate the heat from your furnace, Dante
Convert now, for we all fall short and Romans 3:28
now Caution yourself for a residual lesson
you have to hold your breath to catch wind
of the spiritual essence,
once you die
then you can live in His heavenly presence
so, wait till the last second
and take a chance at being denied access
once the lungs deflate
there’s no chance to cash that check,
been castrated
can't be reproduced in his likeness
Cascading through the flesh,
doesn’t innate a spiritual blessing , You hallucinating
So become a righteous stickler,
an ignite prayers
Stone cold believers,
attract likeminded warriors
Control, alt, delete; start it over
Now stop stallin,
get with Christ,
become a true baller
Still lingering, disappointed, Dried up,
parch, disgusted; cotton mouth
Trust in the plan and illuminate through valley; rebirth
it's black and white like Obama,
can't miss it, black mamba,
Kobe in his prime
it's discussion open,
chime in at anytime
like waiting for that phone call
to hear Him say
Well done my son, great job,
we praise God so loud it shakes the stars,
breaking out the cage
while we spit these crazy monkey bars

By: Jeremy Baker & David Johnson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jeremy and I play a game called word play and this is what we came up with. He does a line, then I do a line and we keep going till we feel we're done. Enjoy!

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