So you wanna be a terrorist

So you wanna be a terrorist

By JFarrell


So you wanna be a terrorist?

Thats fine by me.


You can be like my dad

Such a big brave man

He gets drunk to beat his wife and kids

Because he’s a chickenshit coward.


Do you really think bombing a bunch of kids

Makes you any better that him?

Makes you braver than him?

Makes you more a man than him?


What a pussy!

Yes, you!

Isis, ira, al queda, whoever…

I should fear you?



Oooh, you got guns and bombs,

I’m so scared



Be a man, act like a man

You pussy!

Real men don’t blow up children

Chickenshit worthless losers blow up children.


Paradise? Virgins? Reward?

I don’t care what god you claim to honour

Ask him

For scum like you he has a place reserved in Hell.


And those on our side

The newspapers, the columnists

The big mouths

Stop spreading the hate - you’re as bad as them, and as responsible.




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be a man

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