Mohammed let me down

Mohammed let me down

   By jfarrell


The eclipse…

There; so many infidels we could have slaughtered, like pigs;

But, Allah, didn’t speak to us;

I don’t understand;



Even mohammed fears god?

No order to attack?

C’mon, they are camped in fields in their droves;

No police; no concrete blocks;

One single truck…

Hundreds could be dead…




Maybe, even your mighty Mohammed fears god,

And his wrath;

Me? I’m an infidel, don’t even believe in god;


Sorry, with the eclipse;

You’re failure to act;

Either you’re a bunch of pussies;

Or your, personal, Allah’s full of shit.


And I’m easy to spot, if you wanna put a fatwah on me;

I wimp, cowardly looking westerner, wearing glasses;

My profile pic is me;

But blowing women and children up more your kinda thing

Coz that’s wot worthless cowards do;

Hurt those weaker.


C’mon, big man (hehehe “big man” hehe, wot a tosser);

Seriously; the eclipse; not one message from Allah?

That’s why you will lose :-)

You don’t really believe;

You’re just tourists. And ill-informed ones, at that.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

yep, tourists

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Darkened Eve

And there they tarried for many days and nights
giving in to prayer and fasting
and entering trance; crying to the darkened skies
for their gods to return from beyond the clouds;
for refuge from the end to come on the eve of the eclipse.

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Words of cold hope, found at an abandoned camp


No one knows what infected the world; no one came to true understanding. Some said it was the eclipse, darkening the earth, breaking down an invisible wall of protection that kept us safe from the dangers of the universe, others claimed it to be a biological weapon; made by the hands of man, created to thin an overcrowded population, or perhaps a weapon of war that was never meant to see the outside world. Whatever the theory, whatever the claim; before we even knew what was happening, death had blown her cold kiss over every nation, every state, every part of the world, and there was nothing to stop it. Every effort failed. All of man's ability was not enough. The world had never felt such punishment before or likely will again. In the grip of this we are still; waiting and hoping; living each day with faith we will see the day after. In our faith we are still seeking the path to salvation.

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