The Police

The Police

By JFarrell


If you see a police officer,

Today, tomorrow, next week,

Please go up and say

Thank you.


We may not all like the police,

It doesnt matter;


When a scumbag detonates a bomb

They, and the other emergency services,

Rush in to help

Where I, and many of us, would run away.


They are not perfect,

Who is?

They’re never around when you want one,

And if you are not white, you may well feel harassed by them.


But when some cowardly nutjob

Detonates a bomb at a children’s concert

Or drives a car into a group of pedestrians

These people rush in to help.


Twenty two people, many of them kids, died last night,

That number may go up;

But many more were saved

Because of the actions of the brave boys in blue

(and the other emergency services).


So, if you see a police officer

Please say thank you.



*Dedicated to all the emergency services

And the victims of terrorism everywhere.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

please stop the hate

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