I am very black, my

funeral is now and I 

atoned with them

and her and I said that

I will be the dress up girl

that wears the lighties shows

with colors of the day that I choose


Day is my day and I am

the person that looks

like her top and skirt

pitching my best friend

in University that I am a Stylist


She said ok, it is a very difficult job

and the criticism will be bad

and we talked about school


I said I will you in self-loating

when I jump Berlin, down the

vally of the check point

I will reach for your hand

living in a world of the

past histories of a world

and live in Europe that is


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please: ( Copy Right infringment laws: www.( music: Government USA: United States: Patents: Laws? infringe? Why? It is a very hard process to go through a lot of levels of consciouness to let you know that "my" poems are mine. The poem I write are important to my live, life, my family, my world and my Universe. I am married to R.Shakur. I am expecting! for information please contact me at my work

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The Police

The Police

By JFarrell


If you see a police officer,

Today, tomorrow, next week,

Please go up and say

Thank you.


We may not all like the police,

It doesnt matter;


When a scumbag detonates a bomb

They, and the other emergency services,

Rush in to help

Where I, and many of us, would run away.


They are not perfect,

Who is?

They’re never around when you want one,

And if you are not white, you may well feel harassed by them.


But when some cowardly nutjob

Detonates a bomb at a children’s concert

Or drives a car into a group of pedestrians

These people rush in to help.


Twenty two people, many of them kids, died last night,

That number may go up;

But many more were saved

Because of the actions of the brave boys in blue

(and the other emergency services).


So, if you see a police officer

Please say thank you.



*Dedicated to all the emergency services

And the victims of terrorism everywhere.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

please stop the hate

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‘Thank You’ She Said

I made her glad,

By dedicating a poem then,

‘Thank you’ she said,

Over and over again!


I smiled in return,

Of course in glee,

She knew that I did concern,

About her beauty!


Maybe she felt my love for her,

Maybe my gift her heart could stir!

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Thank You For Music

Thank you to
the writers of
and those that
sing it.

I listen to music
every day of my life,
and you could say
that it's a part of me.

So, I thank you all
for your music,
that you have given
to the world
for us to listen to.

Thank you for music,
and how it sounds
in my ears.

Thank you for the music
and how it makes
me feel inside.

I listen to music
when my life
is painful,
and when I need
something to
bring my spirits up.

Without any music
to listen to,
I don't know how
I would get through
the seven days of the week!

Thank you for the music
that you give to us
to listen to
and enjoy!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem saying thanks to those who write, and sing, the music that I listen to. Without it, my life would be very stressful!

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My Hero

i dont even know you
but i can say what you've done
you shed light on my darkness
you made my noose come undone
you help me unlatch my collar
because just from you presence
you have saved me some
you wouldn't understand
you have helped me so much
i just want to say thank you
hold you
kiss you
you are my hero
and for that i applaud you
and for the villain
yea he is still around
but you took me
right from his clouds
you placed me on the ground
you will continue to walk with me now

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this when i first started having a crush on my recent boyfriend
how the boy i was messing with before him had me in sorrow and he brought me back to life with his simple kindness

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Small Belief In God

I'd started to forget
why I had a small belief in
the man in the heavens, God.

But thanks to three people,
online this site,
I have started to remember.

Thanks alot, to Sylkie,
to Kara,
and also to Adam.
I'd forgoten things.

Things about how
you don't have to be 100%
a believer, but just have
a bit of you that believes.

You reminded me how
I had been contacted by
an angel when I was 5,
a few days before her death.

I'm grateful to you three,
for helping me to
keep my heart open,
that believing isn't seeing.

It's more trust,
and even experience.

Your kind words to me,
on my little Jessica's death,
were very touching,
and made me feel like crying.

That was very sweet,
and got me to thinking.
Thinking about my belief
in the Big Guy, God.

Thanks for talking
to me about how
my little Jessica contacted you!

This has opened
questions inside of me,
but has also brought
some faith back to me.

And Kara,
your belief in God,
unwavering and strong.
Shairing it with everyone.

That's the kind of belief
and dedication in God,
that is magical.

Thanks you three,
You've been helpful!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my friends Sylkie, Kara, and Adam!

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Thank you for calling me pretty,
though it means nothing now.
Thank you for calling me funny,
Even as my tears will fall.
Thank you for calling me special,
the only one you'll have.
Thank you for calling me,
even though i'm dead.

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Thank You


I have been through

Hell and high water

I’ve been left before

And I’ve done my share

Of walking away


I’ve dealt with pain

From my peers, my friends

From my family

And ultimately from myself

I can handle so much


Yet when it comes to you

There are no barriers

You walked in on my heart

And I fell in love

Ever so deeply in love


You have had the chance

To hurt this heart of mine

But you never

Had the desire to give me pain

Because you love me


I just wanted to say

Thank you Steve

For being just who you are

And not having the desire

To hurt me



Written on

May 17, 2003 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was also written to Steve. Thanking him for loving me.

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