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28th Day Sober

28th Day Sober

By JFarrell



(“All the people in the world, they have the chance to change things;

But they must think and work and dream,

And break some rules, to change things.

They must change.”   John M Watts of Fischer Z)



I am still sober on the 28th day,

But with the London Bridge attack, last night,

Forgive my lack of jubilance.


I have had to be determined to get to this place; sober,

And I have new determination

To learn Arabic, to destroy this ideology, with poetry.


You can’t fight lies with lies;

You can’t fight hate with hate;

So truth and love are the only weapons we have.



And it is words that started this mess,

Since the beginning of time.


No god has ever asked MAN to war, fight or hate;

No god ever wrote a book:

Gods make mountains, rain, love.


MEN write “these are the words of god”

MEN who want power speak “in the name of god”;

And, please notice I said “MEN” - this is not my hidden sexism poking through;

MEN cause this.


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we can change if for the better

new life

 17 May 2017



New Life

By JFarrell



Day 10, Year 0

And I am still sober;

Started a new job this morning,

My first job since March 2000.

My college asked me, “How do you feel about doing higher level work,

You’re obviously more than capable.”

And I am hopelessly in love;

Not bad for a waste of space drunk.


My body aches all over,

I feel like I got flu,

I’m not sleeping well,

When I do sleep, I wake to find my bed soaked with sweat,

I’m eating poorly,

Quick snack when I remember I’m hungry,

And one out every three snacks stays down;

Like I said, waste of space drunk.


And I have never felt so alive,

So capable,

So powerful;


Welcome to your new life,

And, the 21st Century.


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still sober



By JFarrell


All my yesterdays

All my past

My successes

My failures


You take all of this

And make it all beautiful

Showing me

In a light I had not considered


Mirrors, confetti

Packed in a tube

Brought to life

By your light


You are the kaleidoscope

That magically lights my life

Turning mundane images

Into something beautiful and magical


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beautiful sunshine

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things could be worse

Things could be worse

By jfarrell


Things could be worse,

I don’t take the time to appreciate

How lucky I am.


I’ve forgotten my umbrella,

On a very rainy day;

I could have been

born in a drought-ridden country,

With no prospect of rain. Ever.

I didn’t like my chicken burger,

It didn’t taste fantastic;

I could have been

Born in a famine stricken country,

No chicken burger, nothing I may recognise as food.

I’m being kept awake,

By my neighbours loud music;

I could be

Being woken by the bombs landing on my house,

Or by the masked gunmen in my room.

There may be much in this life, in this world I don’t like,

But I am very lucky

And it’s time I realised that;

I am, and have been, luckier? More privileged?

Than most people

And it’s time to identify the brighter things in life,

And to seek them out

And try to add a little to the beauty in this world.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont appreciate enough how luck i am