Eighteen Hours


Checking my email address

Your name popped out of nowhere

Never seen you anywhere

Couldn't put my mind to rest


You were just a stranger

But I was just braver

So I went on to try

Maybe there's reason why


We exchanged numbers

Chatted about our lives

Had a lot of drawn smiles

Don't know where we were


Three hours of talking,

You said I made you laugh  hard

One hour of texting,

You said, "I'm looking forward"


Just when I thought you were the best

You proved me you were like the rest

For some reason, you apologized

For some reason, I do not know why


You left without notice

You left my world hanging

I tried to reach out

But you put me down


What did I do to make you change your mind?

Eighteen hours, I had hope

What did I do that you played like a child?

All those hours, I felt home


Maybe this is your usual game

Maybe you fool people this way

Breaking hearts in a blink

Drowning hopes as they sink


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