You Got Me Trending


Cool but cruel is what you are

After three years, everything changed

You came in my lonely days

Love speaks but can fall apart


You say those words so crazy

It becomes very usual

I write these odes so silly

This becomes very casual


No, I can't get mad at you

You make my true self get loose

So, just keep on what you're doing

'Cause baby, you got me trending


All those words you told me

I hear them in my ears

All the things you brought me

They all are written here


Rising like a rocket

Shining like a bright star

Oozing fire like a jet

Popping out of the jar


Oh, baby this feels so good

You got me leading

So, baby please continue 

What you do to me


And if you dare stop

You'll make my heart pop

I may paint  something cruel

After that we'll be cool


Saving It


Walk with me

Don't hold my hands

Look at me

Won't take the chance


Gaze at me

Just not so sweet

Embrace me

But not too firm


Touch me

But just be gentle

Hug me

Just with no cuddle


Kiss me

But leave my lips

Hold me

But just my wrist


Sleep beside me

But not too close

Whisper those things

Without a rose


Sing these songs with me

They can't be love songs

Come and dance with me

We can't do this wrong


'Cause I'm saving it for someone

I know this feeling will be gone

So let's enjoy this night

Before we lose its shine

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Purple Heart


Not a long time ago

You used to walk me home

Now, my days are blue

And the colors flew


When I found you

My world felt good

Suddenly, it turned red

Now things became plain dead


I loved you so strong

I got it all wrong

Yeah, you made me drown

I won't back down now


Purple is the color of my heart

It turned very dark when I felt hard

It will know its purpose when time comes

It will find its right way when it does


My strength is still here

I won't fall apart

I've got a strong heart

I'll have the last cheer


You've got it all wrong

I'm never that innocent 

'Cause it's like that song

My heart has its own revenge


I've got a purple heart

I might be warm and calm

But when it's burning hard

I turn into someone


Photo Of Us


I'm looking at it again

And I'm daydreaming again

I'm dreaming about you again

I'm wishing you're with me again


Something about it is magical

Something about it is so special

Something about your smile

Something I don't know why


Maybe it's your smile

Maybe it's that while

When the earth stopped spinning

When the time stopped flying


All I know is I said hello

I made a move I'd never known

Like my heart was about to go

I felt something I'd never known


When the camera flashed,

My sweat ran down

Smile wide and I was glad,

My mind slowed down


We're perfect together

I'll love you forever

Don't you know that all this time?

Don't you know I pray you're mine?


Now, everything I have is this

Now, everything I do is wish

That next time our smiles would be true

That next time I can be with you


I'll sleep tonight holding this

That all I prayed will be real

I'll wake up and wish again

That God had heard all I said

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Lost Moonlit Night


What a moonlit night

The streets are very bright

Pretend I'm alright

I'm about to fake smiles


Eating my dinner

Stopping all my tears

I open my laptop

To watch your name pop up


Force myself to the dark room

Struggling to fight the doom

I can't answer their questions

I have no explanations


No songs can explain what I'm feeling

No rhymes can tell them why I'm hiding

Someone told me I'm just desperate

No one asked why I'm being frantic


I guess it's how the world works

Closing behind me are doors

Doors to happiness

Locked out from fullness


I need space and time

Not just laughs and wine

Have to get it for myself

Before I lose my whole self


What a wonderful night

I lost its shine with my vibe

I'm sorry for myself

And the way that I dealt


He's Around


I should have been happy now

Dancing in the house around

Watch the fireworks across the town

But I cannot 'cause he's around


I asked for only one thing

That you do not bring him here

This should have been our night

 Now everything is dry


So, as the night go cold

I think I'd run and go

Far away from here

And this crazy thing


You spent all the days with him

You can't spare this one for me

This should have been a special day

But my smile is about to fade

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I dreamed of many beautiful things

I thought they're impossible to reach

I was too shy to make a voice

Had sleepless nights and lonely joy


Yesterday, I was a sinner

Now, I'm already a winner

And this is because of you

All of these I owe from you


'Cause now I'm dancing in the spotlight

Yeah,  I feel like I'm made up of starlight

No one can stop me on my way

I'll try to reach my stars today


I won't easily give up

Even if I must give much

Watch my glorious shine

In my once dark sky


I would give them all my best

Bring out the voice from my chest

Like a diamond, I'd shine

This sky was made to be mine


Right now, I'm flying through the sky

Feeling like I'm in paradise

I know this perfect moment is meant to be mine

So perfect, I can't even bother to ask why


Everything is fast changing

Like how I wished them to be

I go out and take my own lead

On earth is where you'd find my feet


I'm now dreaming of impossible things

I know I can make all  I wish go real

'Cause there is nothing impossible

Just dream like you are invincible

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Love Speaks


When love speaks
Everything fits
It is so deep
We see things clear


When love smiles
It heals scars
Everything shines
Like those stars


We can fly
Like an airplane
Like the eagle
That we hide


I will find it
We can have it
We can do it
I'll fight for it


It's the rhythm in me
Something I want to feel
A thing I've been wishing
Each night I go to sleep


When love speaks
I will listen
'Cause when love sings
It will be spring


Author's Notes/Comments: 

LOVE SPEAKS tells what I thought love would be. I still hope I'm right.

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