are you there

Are you there?

By jfarrell


Are you there?


I hope so.

I think we all need saving;

I know I do.



You’re there,

Please come soon.


Before North Korea strikes back,

They might really be that crazy;

Before ISIS strike again;

Before another bomb is dropped on another country.


Before the bailiffs come;

Before I lose my home;

Before I sleep on the streets.



You’re there,

Please come soon.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hope they are there, looking down, so loved HG Wells

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Cut Short

I gave you hell in the morning time,

You gave me hell in the evening,

And everytime we were around each other, you never seen me,

You jumped ship, and you made it look easy,

Unloyal, your so spoiled, and so full of yourself,

When I talked to you about your potential,

Accusations of me never having a picture frame,

With your name and my name under a photo of our first dance, became influential as you convinced yourself I was never really down with you,

Like I wasn't spending all this time with you,

Sharing everything that was on my mind with you,

When you looked into the future, you saw me kissing on another woman,

You blame me for a future that I didn't know of and never wanted,

When nothing is set in stone, and constantly the future is always changing, 

You snatched that picture away, the names and the frame,

Now I'm having dreams of *** moaning my name,

Your future has become my reality,

Yes now im everything you thought I'd be,

Having nasty thoughts about her before I sleep,

I'm messaging you while thinking of where I could be,

Being held by a retired marine,

Feeling, and stealing little moments, little things,

I'm a bad girl, I won't blame you for that,

I'm a sucker for woman well traveled, a nice uniform and a certain type of sensualness,

Remember when you jumped ship?

Your own foresight back with a vengeance,

So don't hit me up saying your vision is now clear and you realize what you've been missing,

Your vision was clear when you accused me of wanting a future without you in it,

Funny how life works,

Even when things are sunny…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you.

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I wonder...if we saw everyone as a child, our child...would the world be a different place? If we saw in others our children’s purity...their smile, their eyes...their face Would we be as quick to shun them, to close our hearts...our shore As quick to ju

I wonder...if we saw everyone as a child, our child...would the world be a different place?
If we saw in others our children’s purity...their smile, their eyes...their face

Would we be as quick to shun them, to close our hearts...our shore
As quick to judge or hate them...as quick to go to war?

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The Interrogator-Chaplain

Pale, hooded robes
Wielding a winged sword
Power-armoured hands 
And blackened shoulders broad


A dark, spiked halo
Above his skeletal helm
He stands on the battlefield
In this war-stricken realm


Countless enemy troops
He does slay
Teaching by example
The emperor's holy way


Ten men at his back
And a hundred in the fore 
The Interrogator-Chaplain
Fights the holy war


Load the boats 

Valhalla awaits 

The heavens resound with thunder claps

Dragons wings

Blotting out the sun

Pray to Njourour for calm seas

Thank us….

We bring you War

Steam rises from Warriors mouths

The Gods are with us………..

As the sea turns to ice

Sharpen your axes

Eat drink well


Tomorrow we die……….



Warriors burn……..straight to Valhalla 

Unleash the spears

The dragon turns

Twisted wings spiral to earth





© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

San Carlos Bomb Alley, Falklands War.

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He licked my eye balls in 82

To stop the tears from coming through

Ripped part of my soul away that day

He wants the rest, his evil pay

Killing was the name of the game

Man against man

Its still the same

When the last grain sand falls from my life

He will be back with his big long knife

Stronger he gets by the day

As man kills man on an industrial scale

I have looked into the bowls of hell

There is no flames there is no smell

He is all around he is in your face

The bogey man is the human race.


© Tony McNally

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a man's living nightmare

Stormy, stormy ships quietly love a cold, lively sail. 

Carrying soldiers who arrived at the land knowing that war never prevails.
The world didn't want this battle.
Yet our ignorance sent our men into a different angle. 
Thousands of bodies fill the entire shore. 
These men fell hard, like rain onto the mainland. 
Come take quickly! Guns of the dead and boots galore! 
Might as well coat our blood on to your enemy's hand. 
War consists of destroying the enemy until they surrender
But what we never think about is how the world would be like after 
People back at home are happy that we won using our bombs
Yet they'll never know what it means to fight in the middle of a hell known as Vietnam 
Soldiers go home, after watching their friends die
They feel the warmth of their families but could never find that true peace of mind 
These men stand still as they watch the mothers of the deceased cry
And its because they're having a hard time finding tears that once left them blind
Celebrations fill the lands of the winners, 
While the enemy suffers from destruction full-scale. 
The most faithful people were turned into sinners 
because of a war that will never prevail.  

Stranger (Madrigal- Enemy, part 2)




Blood is spilled from the rooftops, 

from the mountains we came from, 

from the seraphim's sky.

Blood coats my hooves, 

the fallen, 

my friends-


I try not to think about the blood.


But- there! - a flash of movement

life among the death

I carve a path through carnage

of creatures I used to know


Amber eyes, 

a tiger angel

Nothing I've ever seen.


The stranger's tiger eyes plead with me

but what he doesn't know is

we're not like them


I don't exist simply to kill.

I am here to save.

I force magic life back into his lungs

and watch his consciousness slip away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/26/16

Inspired by Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, in Madrigal's point of view this time. One more part to come!

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The dream

Always the same dream 

A sun covered in blood 

Over a field of grey

Lifeless thousands 

Innocents where Death took them

Now waiting for judgement

Waiting to judge

Blackness with a red star

Shining down on the aftermath 

Death has a large appetite 

Its jaws bite down on all

Gnawing on their inanimate bodies

The dying are crying out against it

But their life is but a candle in a breeze

Soon to extinguish

They were but innocents 

Caught in the crossfire

But not I

Too long have I fought this war

Come Hades, come quickly old friend

My time is near 

And I am tired

Take me