Free from the bonds of the digital realm


Many worried about the day when Tyrant would break from the chains that held it. They begged the men at the top to pull the plug, to cancel the program, but pride and politics would see that these warnings would go unheeded.

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Power in decline


In time, those in power would come to fear the very monster they created, the salvation they gave birth to when at the edge of their demise. They called it Tyrant.

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Death of the crow

And the foul of the air fell from the skies
and the heavens burned
and the oceans boiled
giving up their dead of every kind
even so the angels fell dead upon the earth
so that paradise would no more be inhabited
and the remnants of mankind would be wiped away
before the face of the child beyond the stars


And then I beheld terrible visions
of the final days
the death of the angels
the fall of heaven
and to my knees I fell
and then I wept
for the coming of the end of worlds
the child beyond the stars
was shown to me.

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Woe be unto the rebellious children of the earth
the followers of the end of worlds
the ignorant and the blind
who give into lusts and the blood letting
who seek to open the gate
for the day shall come when that gate will open
and from that dark and horrible place
judgements and torments will spew fourth
and into an everlasting punishment
your souls will be taken...

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I saw the armies of earth march
across land
and sea
and through the air
to go to war with the false god
day and night the land burned with undying fire
and the skies filled with wings
of man and of angel
who fought against the condemned ones
the soulless dead who numbered as
the sand
in the name of the true god
the father of Gabriel and Lucifer
the architect of heaven

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The Criac





Subdued mumbled laughter

Cigarettes blinking like fireflies

Men together

Hot tea sipped

Tales of romance


Eyes flicking in the mist

Weapons held close

Ammo checked

Completely in the moment

At ease with each other

Random chat



More sex

No eye contact

Macho men


For history

Last drink of tea

Fag butts crushed underfoot

All at once

They turn

Like the tide

“Listen Inn.”


Then it began.



 © Tony McNally

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Into the Breach

Once more into the breach, my friend,
Will you stand with me?


We've fought this fight a thousand times,
Our bones are getting old;
But no one's seen the evil we've seen,
And the day is turning cold.


So once more into the breach, my friend,
Please won't you stand with me?
We alone can stem the dark's foul rise
And claim light's victory.


Your back is stiff, and so is mine,
Our youthful strength is lost.
Those behind are in the spring of life,
Those ahead in winter's frost.


Come once more into the breach, my friend,
I beg you stand with me.
For we alone can stem the dark's foul rise,
And claim light's victory.


The night will threaten life and limb,
Our families and our homes.
Someone must stand up and fight,
And if I must, I'll stand alone.


Once more into the breach, my friend,
Will you stand with me?
We alone can stem the dark's foul rise,
And claim light's victory.

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Tu eris Non occides,




Thou shalt not Kill

They told me at school

To love they Neighbour

Seemed to be the rule

Then I became a soldier

Rules seemed to change

They gave me a rifle

I practiced on the range

We killed wooden images

Of Russian soldiers

The recoil of the rifle

Bruising the shoulders

Then one day it was War

Padre blessed us on the ship

We sang “Onward Christian Soldiers “

Prayed we wouldn’t get hit

So we were the good guys?

They were the bad?

We were given the green light

To kill was not so bad?

We won our War and went home

Handed back our weapons

Went home and hugged our families

Trying to ignore our nightmare demons

Back to, Thou shalt not kill

I suppose will be the rule

Until you’re Country says

Pick up that gun you fool.



© Tony McNally

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