Secrets of the tyrants

He is nothing but a man, mortal and afraid just like me. I do not fear his strength, for it is no greater than a bear's. I do not fear his speed, for it is no greater than a leopard's. Nor do I fear his intellegence for it is not greater than a human's, a human just like me. What I fear are the guards, the soldiers, the followers and most of all, the people. For they do not see what I see. They do not think he is nothing but a man, a man just like you and me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Man may be the worlds most dangerous animal, but if you can read this, so are you.

A Tainted Beauty

Everyday I look at the world

and everyday I realise its beauty

the beauty of its people

of its landscapes 

of its cultures.

And yet everyday

that beauty is destroyed

piece by piece

its people

by war

its landscapes

by pollution

its cultures

by extremism

and so I find the world to be 

a tainted beauty

but a beauty none the less. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just find the world to be inspiring and awful daily and yet I find there can be alot more good in the world than their is bad and so I find it to be tainted by the negatives but that does not mean the world isnt amazing, wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking. It is. And I hope it always will be. 

Sonnet Number One

Darling when I look into your eyes


Those swimming pools of blue and grey and white


It's like the world is standing at my side


With weapons down, ready to end the fight




Darling when you reach to hold my hand


When your left thumb beats a tattoo on mine


It's like the drums of war have ceased again


And all that's left is peace, and lots of time




Darling when your arms pull me in close


To swing me in a dance around your room


It’s like we’re young again and real time slows


And I’ve forgotten everything of gloom




But when the time does come that we must part


The drums begin again, and war restarts


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The Voice Of A Fallen Soldier

Here we perished
For a count'y we so much adored
But did our dear country love us?

For if our country had loved us
Not it would have sent us to war

If our country loved us,
PEACE it would have chose!

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Light and Dark

Where where is darkness
There is light
Where there is daytime
There is night
Where there is peace-time
There is war
When comes after
Look before

Together Forever

To My Wife

If life is a game

And love is a place

Then I'd ever be

Within your embrace

But now we are far

So far from each other

But soon it's not so

In kisses we'll smother

When time is a memory

And space is a dream 

Together forever

Rid of fates scheme

Laying together

On a midsummers day

Gone into the light

Wisped far away

Scrapyard Confetti

I took a bullet in the heart
But I didn't know back then
Shell fragments penetrated my soul
I didn't feel a thing
We were the Heroes
The newspapers said
But I can now feel the bullet
And the ring ringing in my head
They are all still young men
Buried in frozen soil
Forever the real Heroes
Died for freedom
Not foreign oil
So I charge my glass
To drink for them all
We will meet again in Valhalla 
Hip Hip Hooray
For the glorious dead
Still walking this mortal coil. 

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes the survivors of War have the hardest battle of all.

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I saw El Diablo’s grin

Smelt the sulphur on his breath

He was in ecstasy

The battlefield spoilt him for choice

He never choose me that cold day in June

Greedily he ate up my brothers souls

Not a few hundred yards in front of me

Gone in a fiery holocaust of flames and screams

Hell had spewed from the bowls of the earth

Laughing at me he waved goodbye

I was told how lucky I was

Thirty years have passed

I have traded insults with him

He left me not out of pity

But to further punish me

Waking in a sweat filled nightmare

I scream for him to take me

He wags his finger at me like a lap dog

 “Not yet, Not yet”……

I envy my fallen brothers.



 © Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my War experince in the Falklands and my PTSD.

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I saw him on the evening news, the soldier in his hospital bed

Whom everyone thought unconscious and unable to move his head.


But Corporal Hargis was awake…in fact he was astute

For when he was given his Purple Heart he found the strength to salute.


Thank you Corporal Hargis for your courage helps keep the rest of us free.

But your story got me to thinking about all the faces of courage I see.


I’m sure everyone has their own stories as their moments of life accrue

About the types of courage they’ve encountered…now let me tell you a few.


It was on the face of Rosa Parks when segregation she helped to defeat

In 1955 on a bus in Alabama by refusing to give up her seat.


It was on the face of Mother Theresa in a world filled with selfishness and greed

When she decided to live in poverty and help anyone in the world who’s in need.


It was etched on the face of a president whose country was in disarray

And on the faces of the furloughed workers who survived 16 days without pay.


It’s on the face of the first responders who run into trouble every day

While the rest of us thank them for their service as we run the other way.


It’s on the face of the same sex couple who now deserve our applause

As they attempt to alter peoples outdated views and change our archaic laws.


It’s on the face of everyone ever abused as a new life they try to begin.

It’s on the face of anyone who sees bullying and courageously try to step in.


It’s on the face of a parent whose child is dying, missing or has something wrong

As they endeavor to deal with their life while remaining resolute, upbeat and strong.


It on the faces of the families trying to stay brave as stoically they comb

Through the damage, debris and the rubble after nature has taken their home


It’s on the face of the young boy or girl whose about to test life and tempt fate

As they walk up to their intended’s shoulder, tap it and ask for a date.


It’s on the face of anyone in love when they slowly bend down on one knee

As they work up the nerve and the confidence to pop the question, “Will you marry me?”


Isn’t it amazing when you think about it how many faces of courage there are?

They come in all shapes and all sizes and you don’t have to look very far.


I pray Corporal Hargis and all wounded soldiers recover with no ill effects

But II have to admit in writing this poem it’s given me time to reflect.


For I also pray that the day is coming for all our service women and men

When the type of courage Corporal Hargis displayed will never be needed again.


I dream of the day when wars are but a memory and killing and fighting will cease.

I dream of a world where everyone’s equal, a world filled with love…filled with peace.


I may be too optimistic but before this idealist bids you adieu


I’ll continue to pray that people all over this world find the courage to make this dream come true.

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