Up Up UP the stairs, silently anticipating your presence.
No sound echoed throughout our house
The turn of the handle I entered our love chamber.

Shock, disgust, anger, your face
her face, bodies intertwined.
Screams, sounds of pleasure, deceit.

I love you. The sound of bells are now miles between our hearts.
Her moans like thunder, destroying our bonds of affection.
Lightning, electricity, dulled out.

Down down down we spiral down the stairs
You say my name, but I hear nothing.
Undressed, undignified, your gone.

I bore into your eyes, the passion is gone, she is gone
Death, cold and darkness crept over your body, I sense your
tremble, realisation struck you.

That tear, that one tear streaming down your soul,
transparency is now upon you.
Our love now a distant whisper

Why her, why her, what did I do to deserve
the guilty flooding through me,
knowing i wasn't enough.

Out Out Out the door, I leave behind my heart
My mind is driving forward, like a train with broken brakes,
Due to crash any moment now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is held very dear to my heart.

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