my poem to David Cameron entitled Arctic Star


Greetings Mr Cameron, How do?

Had to write a poem to you

its about the Arctic Star

time has gone on too far

Veterans loosing last battles

many falling from the saddle

of life, after some amazing feats

serving Queen and Country


Let me tell you about Stormy

Did nine perilous journeys

to Archangel and Bear Island

as icey as the highlands

on board HMS Bermuda

a warm place, named after

Dads story made news there too

60 below and the ice accrue


His funeral, respects were paid

It was like armed forces day

standards being carried proud

military honours he was endowed

the navy was his other family

Involved past his 86th birthday

a heart attack never stopped him

Queen and country serving


Eulogy by Captain Sir Norman

Edwards, he loved recalling

times my father had with him

and of the Royal Family serving

He used to cook them breakfast

When at Sir Norman's as a Guest

Princes, and Princesses too

all got my fathers service; true


Ironic because Dad was posted

on the Magpie with Prince Philip

Did upset my father sometimes

weren’t allowed to pick up survivors

The Prince, more important than them 

Queen could’ve been without her husband

my dad was totally without any fear

dived in once to such freezing water


His ship was kamikaze'd after wars end

he volunteered, deck guns attend

when everyone wanted to go below

the mark of the man dont you know

he fell over and broke his hip

more perilous things on the ship

worse things happen at sea he said

was lucky, the war, didnt end up dead


Im glad veterans getting their gongs


Prince Michael due to present dads

he found out, and was so glad

the axis couldn't kill him at all

shame was result of a fall

please hurry this matter up for dad

sitting in heaven would be glad

his passing was not in vain

91, an amazing innings anyway

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A name is a place in space, a point in time, a designation,
It carries so much for us, and yet it is far from who we are,
So strange that a label signifies such weight in the world,
But it would get really confusing if everyone's name were "Star".



3:36 PM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's in a name?

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I dreamed of many beautiful things

I thought they're impossible to reach

I was too shy to make a voice

Had sleepless nights and lonely joy


Yesterday, I was a sinner

Now, I'm already a winner

And this is because of you

All of these I owe from you


'Cause now I'm dancing in the spotlight

Yeah,  I feel like I'm made up of starlight

No one can stop me on my way

I'll try to reach my stars today


I won't easily give up

Even if I must give much

Watch my glorious shine

In my once dark sky


I would give them all my best

Bring out the voice from my chest

Like a diamond, I'd shine

This sky was made to be mine


Right now, I'm flying through the sky

Feeling like I'm in paradise

I know this perfect moment is meant to be mine

So perfect, I can't even bother to ask why


Everything is fast changing

Like how I wished them to be

I go out and take my own lead

On earth is where you'd find my feet


I'm now dreaming of impossible things

I know I can make all  I wish go real

'Cause there is nothing impossible

Just dream like you are invincible

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Little is known about this entity,

I don't know if it roams free.

It could be locked somewhere,

In the past, future or present.


It is made out of living fire,

Something you could not hire.

Associated with the star Fomalhaut,

Which is its home, its delight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about Cthugha.

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my ode to starseeds


ode to Starseeds

tell you about being a starseed
not all it's cracked up to be
cos not all emissary's of light
shine a beacon of bright
some treat you like a toy
not something you would enjoy

and they freely admit it too
do you think i'm talking about you?
things messing up without explanation
starseeds, residents of most nations
fascinated with the multiverse?
i'm betting a starseed family curse

It's no curse in a magical sense
just a deal done in the distance
between a previous life of yours
and your chosen star system cause
don't worry, most are amazing
ying yang, bad apples in everything

can get rid of quite easily
like the ones finally free from me
you get Archangel Michael too
cut all the chords attached to you
but you have to ask a third party
as control everything your cosmic family

Implants in your pineal gland
elsewhere too, very prevalent
Umbilical chords also connect you
to your cosmic family this is true
warning though,if decide to loose
your cosmic family WILL DAMAGE YOU

not on purpose, just leaving stuff in
glad now gone, only lead to suffering
Pleiadian emissary's brought their bots
i'm so grateful, got rid of the lot
now no longer a Pleiadian starseed
of cosmic family: totally free

But I re-iterate most are nice
and can give you loads of advice
fix things,maintenance, re-pattern your brain
think like a dolphin; Truly amazing
loads of other things they can do
even the bad ones obliged to help you

so ask your higher self today
if your cosmic family are causing dismay
and if they are please get rid
and i'm happy to be lifting the lid
not all light beings do shine bright
some play with their charges; tight

your higher self will always be
a reliable brick of invisibility
get a pendulum and ask your higher
6th density self if your in cosmic mire
and if they are get archangel Michael
to cut the chords of your personal hell

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Earth as a Star in Another's Sky

Alas! What can I do but keep reading?
To be known among men?
Hark! What a folly!
Cosmic significance is a goal yet unobtainable.
When shall a means reveal itself?
Our futile searching is but a quest
where the objective is known
and therefore as diminutive
as our thoughts.
To work unconsciously in harmony
doth construct
a grand château,
whose apex breeches
atmospheric boundaries
and leads the way
to a vast space with
the occasional point,
perchance bearing other beings.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Sparkling Star!

Twinkling in the sky,
When I see you, I wonder why?

A wonderful star has to stand all night,
For few viewers, what a great plight!

We rarely look at the charm you hold,
You’re so exotic, I am just bowled!

Sparkling Star you’re a symbol to achieve our goals,
Sparkling Star you shake human moulds!

We all want to be a star one day,
To shine out with awe for all to say

“You’re a star, Keep doing great work!
Let’s be real stars, by working for humanity as a perk!!!”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a star in each one of us!!

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Unique Poems

Everybody tryin be a star these days // I'm trying to be that sun that stays ablaze // becuz the sun is the most visible star from this planet // & like the sun im overlooked or maybe I'm taken for granted // but can they stop my shine? // of course not // I'll make them blind // snapshot // & if you going HAM then I must be going pork chop // aha // & I just laugh at the world becuz I gotta date // 2012 nikkaz I got chu in checkmate // I'm gonna make the world grow up so just relax & celebrate // who knows maybe even the haters will stop the hate // but that's for the next race becuz now it's time for faith so look upon the sky & watch me educate // BOOM !


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The Movie


Last night I dreamt during my slumber

I watched as events played in my mind

Scenes of all kinds flashed by my eyes

I was seeing someone’s life unwind


A young girl in a white dress

Her father walking with her by his side

Down the aisle to her new husband

The two men shared a joy they couldn’t hide


In a house with a white picket fence

She raised her only two children

Along with his three from marriage one

In her diary, all her joys, were written within


The children grow up as they always do

The young girl and her husband grew old

Love held them together through time

Thick and thin, warmth and cold


I smiled thinking how this was all I wanted

The credits rolled and didn’t go far

When I read the name of the young girl

And realized I was the movie’s star


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

August 21, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet another one written to Steve. This one ws written about me being married to him, which never happened.

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