starring the wand, fan of dawn, nonviolent plants, best luck, compromise which doubles

Poem Strings


-saiom shriver-

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Plants live safely in
glass greenhouses
because they
don’t throw stones


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All three leafed
two leafed seven
and all number leafed
clovers are good luck
if one refrains
them to pluck


Image is of 21 leafed clover

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On their land
.. he wanted to grow
she wanted blooms..
and their satellite bees
They found a compromise
which doubled their plans:
blossoming fruit trees

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Dawn has spread
her hemispheric fan.
Though the wind waves
he cannot make
it move flirtatiously

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Sunbeams pour through
the sky to the sea
every one a magic wand.
As they enter the
the water..each
tipped with
a sparkling star

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 Image is of 21 leafed clover

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Oxygen Genocide

when will we learn to discern ego from truth, & justice from what is right or wrong.. 

your skin feels like glass scratching against the surface of my spirit, & who you are is what you shape yourself to be..

but you'll never be a part of what is me.

shaking with some persperation, tied down & untame.

name's without faces...


blank plastic figures taking over your home place & shattering what's left of your heart's fragile stained glass case,

cracked & already chipping all over the place.

emotional sea over-riding me. there's never a drought in her desolate, humid mental space.

her own breath she's suffocated by..

further wandering into the forest, dimmer as each one dies.

the air must be experiencing high tide.

oxygen genocide. the smoke get's thicker as time passes you by..


climbing ladders, risking your life for status & score.

are we nothing but empty within our core?

destiny must be further out at sea, & these clouds are all that's guiding me.. 

a bit confusing, these doors close behind me..

the shut & slam grows louder each time.

am I walking on a thin line? is there someone there beneath me..?


close your eyes, & see further inside.. reality is just a disguise.

if you can refrain, don't let imagery corrupt your mind.

each & every time I come back around from outside the lines, the coloring is always the same.

dull & grey.. not to change...

i'll leave another blood stain on your concrete floor as i'm walking out the door, once again..

I should of never stopped back in.


imagine, ponder. your love, paralyzed & controlled by fear.. it doesn't feel like they're really here.

all you thought they were is just a blur, or a phase.

the vibe is in constant change. dampened by the harsh rain.. 

spiritual metamorphosis, brain activity levels to hold sustained.


sometimes the screaming within me won't subside.. should I hide?

all I really want is to be one with the sky.

is there only paradise behind the gate's, entering the afterlife..?