Everyone enjoys the spotlight.

It is strong.

It is tempting.

It fills you with a feeling of might.

You may step in,

But if you linger too long,

You are never to return to sight,

As the sensation takes hold the moment you enter.

It will slowly claim you

In its grasp so tight

And slowly it will take power

Turning your mind

To its domain of spite

And soon your morals will be swept away,


It will kill you in the night

And use you.

You will no longer exist

And it will attack those around you

As the limelight lives your life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really liked this idea in the book, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. So I had to write a poem about it.



I dreamed of many beautiful things

I thought they're impossible to reach

I was too shy to make a voice

Had sleepless nights and lonely joy


Yesterday, I was a sinner

Now, I'm already a winner

And this is because of you

All of these I owe from you


'Cause now I'm dancing in the spotlight

Yeah,  I feel like I'm made up of starlight

No one can stop me on my way

I'll try to reach my stars today


I won't easily give up

Even if I must give much

Watch my glorious shine

In my once dark sky


I would give them all my best

Bring out the voice from my chest

Like a diamond, I'd shine

This sky was made to be mine


Right now, I'm flying through the sky

Feeling like I'm in paradise

I know this perfect moment is meant to be mine

So perfect, I can't even bother to ask why


Everything is fast changing

Like how I wished them to be

I go out and take my own lead

On earth is where you'd find my feet


I'm now dreaming of impossible things

I know I can make all  I wish go real

'Cause there is nothing impossible

Just dream like you are invincible

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Heartless Transfer

I was feeling my cold nostalgia hitting me again
Cold, from the snow at my aunt's house during Christmas
The winter night was everywhere and yet so hard to see
There was the spotlight of an incandescent lamp giving the black sky an orange flare and a place to see the white snow
The rest was all dark but that was what I wanted to see
I could remember the snowflakes falling so gently, making the snow so smooth
I wish I could lie there all night 
Under one light
As if the cold didn't touch me
I wish everyone could see it, but no one else could
I'll never know why everyone wanted to leave
And when it came time to leave, I had no choice
My heart,
My heart stayed
It's almost like I don't use my heart anymore because it just isn't with me now
A part of me would want to bring it here
I just can't move on
I don't think I can ever move on...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of reminds me of Clocks by Coldplay, "Home, home, where I wanted to be home..."

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