I Am Your Guide: Dream: September 22, 2013

I was riding a bike through a field of grass.. 


The grass was short and really green. It was sunny and beautiful outside... 


I came upon a big, silver, windmill and a small, red, barn. I got off of my bike and walked it the rest of the way to the windmill..


Then, I saw my husband, Jeff, sitting next to the windmill..


I sat down next to him and we chatted for a little bit, but I can't remember what we talked about..


I then asked him if I was dreaming..


Jeff said: "Yes, you are dreaming... I am your Guide to the next reality or dimension that you will choose to enter."


Then, I asked: "How do I know what dimension to enter?"


He then told me to look ahead and so I did..


When, I looked ahead all that I saw was the field of short, green, grass that seemed to go on forever and a bright sun hovering in the sky..


I told him that I was confused and he told me to "Look Closer".


So, I looked ahead again..


That's when I saw it... The other dimensions flashed before my eyes..


First, there was the green grass field.


Then, it morphed into a huge and endless, dark blue lake and it was night time and the huge, bright, moon was hovering over the lake.. I could see the moonlight shinning onto the lake..


Then, it morphed into a smaller lake with muddy, green and brown, grass behind it and it was almost light out. Thus, the sun was now starting to rise..


Then, it morphed into a dark and gloomy, black-top, road that seemed to be a road that was in the middle of nowhere and it seemed like it would go on forever.. 


There was also a huge puddle in the road and on both sides of the road there was muddy, dark green and brown, grass. It was also pouring down rain...


Then, that morphed into a less gloomy, black-top road, and the sun was out, shining brightly.. 


There was now a tiny puddle on the side of the road and the road was only a little wet... 


On both sides of the road the grass was bright green and moist with dew..


I then told Jeff that I wanted to go into that dimension, and he said: "Okay"


I asked him for a ride because I didn't want to walk or ride my bike down the road because it looked like it would go on for a long time and it was starting to get hot outside..


Jeff said: "Yes" and then a car appeared..


We got into the car and started driving down the road..


It was so sunny out and as I looked out of the car windows, all I saw ahead was the endless road.. 


When I looked out the driver's and passenger seat windows, all that I saw was a bright green, and grassy, field on both sides.


I rolled down my window and I could feel the wind in my hair..


Then, I looked at Jeff and he was focused on driving down the road and he didn't look back at me..


It was then that I finally woke up. 


It was a strange dream but it was very vivid and detailed. 


It also seemed very real...

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The Child Beyond The Stars

The madness of man will increase 100 fold;
into the chaotic and savage void, the souls of this realm will be devoured,
leaving behind, a mindless animal to tear itself apart,
as the shadow of the darkness beyond darkness will cover the face of the earth.
The window of time and space, opened by those who worship the child from beyond the stars,
will come on the dawn of the age of transference.


From the dimension where the faceless demon resides,
from far beyond the stars, it has been traveling for billions of years;
the one known as the end of worlds, the devourer of stars;
the darkness beyond darkness.
Many names it is called, and on the eve of the new age of transference,
the followers of the realm await its coming; on roof tops they pray
in trance, they cry out in awe of its power
and in faith, they indulge in ritual, bleeding and making sacrifice
seeking to open the gate to the realm; seeking to appease the one
of many names.