Death of the crow

And the foul of the air fell from the skies
and the heavens burned
and the oceans boiled
giving up their dead of every kind
even so the angels fell dead upon the earth
so that paradise would no more be inhabited
and the remnants of mankind would be wiped away
before the face of the child beyond the stars

The end of worlds

The border between the realms has fallen; the spiral vortex grows in the heavens, now the sky has become dark, the earth has fallen into trance; no power under the void exists, which can stand before the astral vaccume. It has come; the heavens are devoured; the face of the end we now see. Our time has ended.

Upon a wall, the words were written in blood/From the Land of Chaos


And out of the flaming mouth of hell, I saw the dead walk;
I saw the legions of the damned and the soulless, scatter upon the face of the earth
and the children of men consumed, and the seed thrown about in confusion,
to wonder the land that was once their own.

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The Tree of Atom


I looked across the great void
and beheld
the terrible vision

Out of the great pit
the tree of Atom ascended
reaching into the heavens
with all power and wonder

and the hosts of heaven
fell on their faces
in terror
and before him they became
as ash

Great Atom offspring of the sun
father of man
your children have fled
from your wrath
into the deep they have vanished..

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