Stealing Back My Soul


When I said

Those three words

I love you

I felt the swords

Cut out my heart

Pulled my soul

Straight from my chest

Tried to fill the hole

With these gifts of mine

Mind, heart, and soul

I laid at your feet

Never knowing the toll

I rested my bloody body

In your arms

I kept saying

“There’s no harms”

You sure showed me

Proved I could be wrong

So I sit here bleeding

As I sing this song


“I love you, I love you

What did I ever do so wrong?

I love you, I love you

How can I be more than strong?

I love you, I hate you

This has gone on way too long

I love you, I hate you

You’re the one who’s not strong

I hate you, I hate you

You pushed me around too long

I hate you, I hate you

This is way too wrong

For way too long”


Now you hate me

Because I could take no more

All I have to say is,

“Just what the fuck for?”

Leave me alone

Get out of my mind

On my heart, you’ve already dinned



Written on

August 14, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Paul. At the time I really did feel like he was after my soul. Looking back, I realize that he never really was.

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