Can't go back

A simple Gaze
A short meeting of eyes
A simple haze
Morality's demise
It is I who I despise  
Save my soul
Make me try
If I could just walk around your head for a day
Would I turn into stone or clay?
Does it even matter?
Daft thoughts
Created by factory chairs



the garden

come to my garden,
let me show you the way...
walk in my footstep,
like the shadow, i am!

the day is fading away.
can you smell the parfumof ether,
exoctic flowers rotten to the core,
each one with a bleeding heart!

feel the thorn of the dying rose,
getting each night,
a little deeper...
another fading passion...

moon reflecting on white lillies,
feeding on my tears...
my flesh turning into ashes...
the earth fed with the salt of my being!

can you see the flashing colours?
blinding your innocent eyes...
your feets slowly going into the ground,
buried into the garden of my perverted mind!

my perversion of today,
my innocence of tomorrow!
my garden is eternity,
filled with corpses of memories...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1 of my favorite place....
When i am lost/ Alone

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