Temporary Love

Wistful memories of you seep into my mind as the tones of this song enter my ears. Once we were the drums of love, strumming for what seemed would be an eternity.
How wicked that this fairytale we once had is ending, when I once thought you'd be my prince charming forever.
Every morning you were the first breath I took, the first thing I saw, the first though that came into my mind, yet as the love you've given me has slipped away so has my memory of you.
I was once your prized posession, and now I'm your ragged doll. I'm torn, broken, and used under your hands- unsure of what love even means anymore.
I was never given that fateful, coveted chance, and now not only is my heart gone, but yours is torn as well. How could you love her when you were supposed to love me? How can you love her when I was supposed to be eternity?
Now with each glance I throw your way, I must remind myself it's not genuine. We were supposed to be a family, but now it's just a lie. We were once collaborated, but you exiled me from your world to bloom into the party animal you were destined to become.
You're a lustful beast I pity, yet I stand here with you heart: it's broken yet pretty. Pretty because I hope that I might be able to repair it.
I want you, I need you. This is your final chance, yet you push me away without noticing what little time you have.
My soul is beaten and bruised, and although what everyone sees in me is strength and courage, I'm dying faster than ever with the pain you deliver.
And now I beg you as I end my plea: what will it be: her, or me? My love will be pure like a diamond in the rough, and this is your last change so the decision will be tough. Tough nonetheless, but I promise you it's yours. So choose my love or my freedom, because if not I will never return.

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Broken Heart

Love this write.It hits very close to my home and the hearbreak I have gone through.I wish you luck in life.But if its meant to be it will happen.