My Heaven'

Just a thought!

Slowly I run my tongue around the

savory delight

taking in all it's glistening content, then

up and down the sides

tasting every drip of sweetness that envelops

my hunger. I nibble at the edges till, in a

moment of weakness, thrusting my tongue

deep into the center

grasping a mouthful of creamy coated ecstacy.

Numb and quivering with delight,

I engulf it'...

and finish off this delicious, delectable Old  Fashioned

dip cone'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some things in life just don't compare'Tongue Out

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The Rod vs. Exoticness

The Rod vs. Exoticness

As I sit here in my bare skin only forces of the earth

can express what my body is feelin. At this very

moment in time I can feel the sun rise, as the heat enter's

my body it makes the rain come from the clouds that seem

to drift for years, an overflow so wet even noah's ark would

have to protest the diversity of this climax. I just can't

address, you see, you would have to be within to

understand the passion that lies deep down within

the sculptured frame of my exoticness. First, the thrusts

of the my walls griping the rod of the earth. Next, the

rod gently reaches each corner of the universe. After, the

overflows of the sea comes ashore the rod of the earth

tries to pursue with force until it can't take anymore,

it subsides after the volcanic eruption.. It realizes the

sculpted frame of the exoticness is more than the rod could stand.

As I sit here in my bare skin only words can express what

my body is feelin.


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