Shadows of Love

Just a thought!

If the day had no sunlight and the night had no moon

And love had no room in our heart

We'd have fear in our eyes, when the tide failed to rise

And be destined to wander the dark

Alone in the darkness, left out in the cold

We'd surrender and give up the fight

Only love helps us cope, bringing glimmers of hope

And the Sun and the moon bring new light

Warming up in the heat, we rise from defeat

Shedding tears, from the blessings above

We have new hope in sight, from the ambient light

As we walk in the "Shadows of Love"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Shadows of Love"                                "Love in Your Heart,

                                                                                  Lights the Way"

Picture Perfect Woman

Just a thought!

If all it took was a pretty face

The stars would send a prize

If a painting needed a sultry look

Van Gogh would paint your eyes

If a lighthouse ran on innocents

Your stare could light the sea

Ships would chance the breaking waves

To get a glimps at thee

If a perfect kiss was ever made

The French would love your style

They'd put your moistened lips on screen

And capture every smile

If lines on a body could yell,"Seduction"

Your curves would send out screams

My mind can only fantasize

And paint you in my dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Picture Perfect Woman"

"Huck and Jim"

Just a thought!

Olden days on riverways, you'd catch em' on a whim,

Rafting down the Mississippi, an odd sort, called, Huck and Jim.

Skirting rules and fancy free, they frolic in the sun...

One escaping a life of slavery, and the other on the run.

Chains can't hold dreams of men, searching for variety,

Every man is an island, seeking freedom in society.

Stories told by the great Mark Twain, bring us teary sighs and laughter...

Written down in character form, living happily ever after.

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Huck & Jim

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*Love Gets Me All The Time*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Love gets me all the time

It never fails

No this isn't a line

To make you believe me I'll walk on nails


Once I decide I'm going to be alone

Be all by myself and cry

Once I decide I'm making my heart all stone 

Wishing that I could die


Love came around

And changes everything 

It pops up on me without a sound 

And God...Love he decides to bring 


It's charming

It's sweet

And so alarming

No one can beat

Love never seems to be harming 


Love just pops up one day 

Takes away the rain

Shocks me to the point 

I don't know what to say 

Love even takes away my throbbing pain


I don't know what I'm going to do 

But I'm very greatful

That love can be to me 

So true

And to treat me like I'm no fool



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not finished with this poem

Once Upon A Midnight Dove

Just a thought!

Once upon a Midnight Dove, I sold my soul for empty love.

A gentle touch made me shiver, my body shook, my nerves quiver.


Her skin so soft with silky hair, parchment kisses melt the air.

She pressed her tender frame to mine, body waving so devine.

Passion rose in sultry hips, the sweet caress of moistened lips.

Shallow breaths quickened fast, heartbeat shutters, swift and vast.

Beads of perspiration now, a single stream runs down my brow.

Muscles clinched in violent peace, giving up in sweet release.

A moment shared in empty love...Once upon a Midnight Dove'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Once Upon A Midnight Dove"

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*Till Death Us Do Part*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Honey I love you 

When I look into your eyes

I see we have something between us that is true

You make me happy... so happy I could cry

I cherish every moment

Each and every day

All my dreams come true God sent

He sent my way

Sometimes I could hate you for not having anything to say

But words mean nothing

When I feel your powerful feeling go through me 

Like when we make love

I hope to you I mean something

Not only now but also down the road

I will love you forever

Everyday to you this I told

I pray parting is never

I prayed to God that together we grow old 


Till death us do part

I will stay with you till the end 

I will never break your heart

I will always be your best friend

No one else may have my love 

I hand it over to you 

To keep and cherish 

No matter what we go through 

This strong love for you will not parish

I pray to this you knew

For you I pray for the best

I don't want anyone else to touch

For me your better then the rest

I always miss you so much

Soon God will put our love for eachother to the test

And then that is when I prove I love you so very much

Yes I know these past months 

I've been a pest

But I can't help it 

Everytime I try to express myself I have no luck

And what ever comes out sounds like shit

My words always get stuck

Or I tend to repeat

I am so glad you love me for me 

I can never repay the angels for letting us meet

Just promise you won't set me free

I would just break down

Start to cry 

Everyday I wouldn't know how to be happy 

I would just wear a frown

I would just die

When I am with you

I get this tingle this high

I feel so pure so true

Sweety we will never part from one another

Because we're in eachothers heart

For me there is no other 

It's been that way from the very start


So till death us do part

I will be with you no matter where you go 

You and only you will own my heart

I just thought before you leave for awhile 

I thought you have the right to know

So please remember me with a smile

And always there will be a way 

To where my love I will show 

Through each passing day

I will sit and wait for the phone to sing

I will be here for your return

And hopefully then you will on my finger put a ring 

And even after the long wait my love for you 

Will stile be lit 

Everything about you I'll remember what I learned

This bond we have no one can split

Forever and always

Next to you I forever sit

Morning noon and night

We're a perfect fit

Every lasting days 

I'll never forget your gorgeous sight

Our passion for eachother outbeats any romance plays



The Mara

When I stare into her eyes, I see more than just glossy orbs of contrast and color. 

Something is contained deep inside her gaze,
Sometimes it speaks to me and whispers subtle hints of her life and I find myself moved in a profound way. 
Her mouth remains silent but I can always discern her mood. 
When she's passionate, they blaze and the intensity renders me all but helpless- the spell she casts without a single utterance is sheer terror, but god, I'm falling in love with the way she frays my nerves and lays waste to my heart. 
When the dark, thick cloak of tar black depression swallows her up- sometimes for months on end- her eyes become cold and distant. 
I can never see her clearly, as if a murky veil stands between myself and the pools of liquid soul I so long to dive deeply and drown in. 
What once was filled with clarity and bubbling effervescence becomes tepid standing water; when these times are upon her I find myself wondering if she'll ever come back to me as she was before.
Yet every damn time her resilience catches me by surprise, and soon I'm stranded in the middle of her island once again. 
I don't even call for help. I tear apart the raft that could bring me to shore and burn it just so I could write her name in smoke in the sky and scatter her beauty as a gift to the clouds. 
She's relentless, yet pursues in sheer silence. The pads on her feet mute her steps, but I swear I catch the low rumble of a growl as she watches my every move when I'm with her. 
I don't fear who she is, I fear the way she can make me feel utterly helpless under her curious gaze.
She has the power and crushing strength of a lioness, yet the nimble grace and innocence of a lamb bathed in the brightest white. 
I tremble with the lightest touch from her slender fingers. She could press bitter poison to my lips and I would willingly let it cascade in deathly rivers down my throat, should she only but ask it of me. 
Ever unsure if she's playing with her food before the kill, or if I'm leading a thing of docile and utter purity to the bloodstained butchers block, I hover between terror for the health of my heart, and trepidation that I'm slowly destroying something truly irreplaceable.
I cannot be sure, but this I know; she will taunt me in my dreams with her laugh twinkling like silver bells, resounding through my head- she stays my sanity better than any shrink or pill ever could, yet gives me over to another brand of mind shattering craziness. 
I've fallen in love with a siren, and I will follow her voice to the very edge of this sheer cliff, gladly throwing myself to the unknown below to the beckon of her haunting call. 

Passion is all you need

Passion is all you need


Mike was a 20 years old swimmer. He used to go to swim and practice almost 2 hours every day.  He wanted to go to the Olympics. A few years ago, he lost the first competition for the pass by ending in fourth place. At first, he was really upset and didn’t know if he would continue to compete for the Olympics. “You should consider quitting for spend more time in more important things”, her parents said he should quit because he spend a lot of time and money for training and for the competitions. After making his final decision by being persuaded by his family, he chose to quit. He went to swim for one last time. After swimming one kilometer he decided to go out, but there was something, he had a feeling that he should stay more time because that was what he loved. Ten minutes later his coach appeared. “Hey you future Phelps, what are you doing?”, “I decided to quit, swimming takes off a lot of my time and I don’t achieve anything”, “Are you sure you want to do this?, think about all your dreams and goals that are going to disappear in front of you, because what you don’t know is how close you are from them”. After talking with him he was finally convinced to continue training for the Olympics. He started to train for four hours almost every day, but he rest one day a week to spend time with his family and friends. In the next competition for a place in the Olympics, he won first place and the opportunity to go to the Olympics the next year. He started training more hours and started preparing mentally and physically for the great competition. He ended in fifth place, but this time he was not upset, he was happy and proud of what he achieved, because his dream was to go the Olympics and he really didn’t imagine that he could end in the first five places. He learned that inch by inch, success is still possible, and that passion is all you need to achieve your goals. 

This story was written by: Nayeli Cisneros

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By: Anomynous Poet


Her words can see mine 

Magnifying their draw 

Like kindred spirits 

That call for more moments of solidarity. 

I want our surroundings 

To match her mind's might, 

In mountaneous terrains or 

Steep valleys whose vicissitudes 

Even hold the most beautiful beauty. 

I wanna get lost with you 

In every possible realm 

To explore and find ourselves together 

Experience that intensity 

That'll cause power trips into 

Different levels of consciousness but 

Don't worry I don't want to awaken from her. 

My mind wanders but it still has an embrace on her, 

My heart skips but but it won't ever race from her. 

Nature is our feul, 

You'd be surprised how much more I can say in its silence. 

We should become one with with it 

Even though we already are physically but 

Dammit that's the most common form of intimacy. 

Instead I want to caress your mind with gentle winds and 

Fight your demons with the perfect storm. 

Nature happens and is inevitable, 


So I hope that gives you something to look forward to.

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