Fashion Of Love


My whole life all I wanted

Was a love like Juliet and Romeo

Now that I'm older

I don't want to die for my love, oh no


I'd rather have a love like

Gomez and Morticia, to have such a passion

And shear ferocity

that kind of love doesn't go out of fashion



Written on


May 5, 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written off the top of my head. Thank goodness for Facebook and its cute posts that gave me the inspiration for this one.

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Artistically Moved



My palette is many.

The stroke of a brush,

A pencil,

The tongue…


No matter how I show you,

My experiences speak on their own.

They display my emotions,

My thoughts,


And everything in my being.

Everything that I am

Can be shown in numerous ways.

Artistically inclined, you ask?


I feel that I’m artistically moved.

I am moved through different mediums,

Different forces.

Whether it be a canvas,


In a journal,

Or lyrics in a song…another language…

I show you who I am and what I feel.

Asfor me, my experiences speak for me

And my hands have no control,

But to display the inner depths of my thoughts,

Interpretations, and feeligns. 

Whether it be through words or images.

They come out the way they see fit.

Artistically moved I speak.

Artistically moved I sing.

Artistically moved I paint,

I draw

I write

I express



April 7, 2014


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm an artist. I create many things through many different kinds of medias. I say medium because I feel they are different forces that display themselves artistically. Yes, I love what I do, and I'll never stop doing it. 

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The Gypsy Side Of Me

Soul Poetry


I have a nomad, vagabond spirit,

And a silver strewn gypsy soul.

I'm finally ready to finally flee,

Finally ready, to finally go.


Caged overly, much too long,

Behind tainted and shattered glass,

I've gotten strong and broken out,

Away from that hurtful, painful past.


Now I'll just wander all around,

Without even much of a care,

But never, ever, ever in time,

Will I ever, go back to there.


I'll find my own beautiful path,

Then even blaze a few dozen more,

I'll tie purple silks, all up in my hair,

As on gauzy wings, I now shall soar.


See, its not that I'm such a rebel,

Just seeking all, I wasn't allowed to be.

I'm on a journey of new life and living,

With this yearning, gypsy side, of me.






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X's and O's

When you were here, I felt distant 

And now that you're far away, I feel closer, it's different 

Many opportunities wasted by my past

I shot you down every time, for sex, you asked


I wanted to come over, be there all damn night 

But I couldn't give you my heart, my ex consumed my time

But now that I've burned away everything that belonged to her

I am feeling free, ready, willing, and my past is just a blur


I still can't say whether we would've worked out 

But I can say I would've tried my best, no doubt!

I would've spend these dark ages building, making you a fire

And if I couldn't make flames, I would use my body to keep you warm, fulfilling your every desire 


Maybe every word I'm saying now is hurting you 

Maybe every thing I'm saying is destroying you

But I can't help it, my pen keeps writing on these pages

And my heart keeps wanting to know about you, keep me updated 


I'm sorry I couldn't love you when you were here

But it wasn't entirely my fault, my mind was filled with fear

I had just been broken by a girl who said "all the right words"

And me, a gullible fuck, believed every syllable and was left hurt 


So understand me when I say that you are not to blame

People fear, laugh, cry but only a few change

And that's me, This is a new beginning 

I wish you all the best and I hope you start off better than it ended with me 





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Passionate Sparks

Lady Fickle


Yes, my heart is open to you

Pumping boldly blood

In love with loving you

Your touch is fairest of them all


You inspire me

When I love you

I am on the wings of the wind

I am on the top of the highest mountain

Your love for me is paradise

And I love your heaven

And it is my landing pier.

And I love the touch,

The passion, the taste

The softness of your kiss

First kiss, sweet bliss

Wonder in your lips…

I have no words for it…

So I am silently sitting

And watching August pass by


And dreaming of making love with you

Somewhere in Paris

On my honeymoon.


Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Before the bananas ripe

let's meet at least once
lest the fog dampen passion
let's water our love
the sun is bright this morning
and night's promising
let's meet and unfreeze winter
of years, drink some wine
restore warmth of faith and hope
and heal the breaches
without black goggles for seeing
let's meet at least once
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My grandfather´s paintings

My Grandfather´s Paintings


Every time we go to my grandfather´s house there they are, all around the place, in every single wall decorating and lighting the house up. I walk down the long hallways, and anywhere that I turn around I can see another beautiful creation. Yes, I am talking about my grandfather´s amazing paintings. You can go into his house every day and you will see a painting that you have never seen before, and that it is even better than the old ones. I just can´t believe how his imagination can take him to so many places and make such beautiful paintings. Almost every time that we go visit him we can see how every single day, hot or cold, sunny or rainy, he sits down in his small white walled office and just paints, paints and paints. There are brushes all over the place; paint splashed on the desk, on the wall and even on the floor, but further from that, there is a masterpiece lying on his desk. My grandfather is not actually a painter, no, he´s an architect, but as soon as he retired he couldn´t leave his passion for drawing, and so he decided to begin painting. Everything in the house is like a timeline, all the paintings organized from the oldest to the newest, from black and white to colorful and full of joy. It all begins at the front door, as soon as you take the first step inside the house the adventure begins. First you can see a complete golf course painted hole by hole, and then you can see a complete and amazing set of beautiful flowers, and further on comes his latest and biggest creation, all of the little towns from the city that he lives in. This last creation was so big that it had to be taken to somewhere else, the white walls of his house just were not enough. So my grandfather took the next big step, he decided to take all his small town paintings and open an art exposition in the city of those towns. So now, you are not just dazzled when you enter the house, you are also amazed when you visit this exposition. The exposition is composed by more than seventy-five paintings and believe it or not he is still working on it. Every weekend he goes and visits a new town, he takes a mental picture of the place, goes back to his house and begins to reproduce it on the paper. My grandfather is really an old man and he has been through a lot of things, losing his wife for instance, but nothing has made him lose his passion and he has always kept strong. 

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To Love

I yearn to love, a love with a passion

Joining hearts, a fatal attraction

To be fondled by your words alone, holding on to promises by your lips

To savor the sweetness and emotion that drips

Let us hold together, let our eyes slowly find and meet

Let all time stop, with nothing but our heartbeats

Just Like This


On a journey to Heaven -

visions reflected in your eyes,

passing through mists for morning's,

and rising to the brightest skies


Set adrift in the sunlight -

beyond terrestrial scapes,

embracing all that you are,

in a world- only love shapes


To the edge of infinity-

surrendering to the serene,

arrival on a smitten heart,

from where paradise is seen


Images in this window -

depicting my every thought,

within is held splendor,

the dreams I've always sought


Life roused in your presence -

entranced by beauty of soul,

a sweetness till eternal's last,

an existence that makes me whole


These pleasures for me alone -

like whispers before a kiss,

words to hold me in your arms,

I'll love you forever - just like this


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words. A moment of thought.

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