By JFarrell


Look at the sunrise

The dark of the night

Very so subtly thins

Until great swords of light

Burst forth

Like the beginning of Everything

Like the beginning of Forever

Like the Big Bang



As what was dark and dead but a moment ago

Is now bathed in golden colours

And looks so alive

So beautiful

Thank you for this gift.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a precious gift

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The world is alive at midnight all basked in tender glow

I walk along the quiet road watching the fireflies play and unfold

The stars above glitter and shine while the rest of the world starts to unravel, unwind


I'm mystified by the silvery white beam surrounding me the moon and I embrace and dance the night away

I'm charmed at the night's symphony, here at midnight

midnight is magical and mysterious,

spellbinding to the lone stranger in this sphere.


Yin-yang and paradise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Watching the world come alive at midnight

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You Can't See Me


I am


-- a ray of sun


crossing your


heart with warmth




like a branch of spruce




a serendipity




-- trill of loon when


you are napping




-- the taste on your tongue


-- love in your soul


-- a flower’s smell, and




the whisper of peace


during twilight.







Bursting from their cocoon,
Painted wings begin to flap,
And away they fly,
With twists and turns
They Dance.


Through nature,
In the flowers,
In our stomachs,
They fly and remind,
The world is beautiful,
Life is to live,
Let the breeze take you,
And Enjoy the unknown,
As painted wings,
Lift us away.

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Stone (day 90)

If I’m a stone let me be

Let the world play tricks on my crumbling dust

but still feed me at the end of the day

in colors I can’t help but breathe in


If I’m a stone smooth me over

Hand me a brush so I’ll look like myself again

Live in a cave that wraps the water around you

like the one at the edge of my bed


I might sleep with danger

knocking at my door

but it’s better than sleeping alone


If I’m a stone hear my silence

like I’m letting things happen to me

but trust me, every time something hits

I take in the current and let it mold this heart


If I’m a stone let me be

If I’m the peaceful rushing sound

of this planet, hear me sing

Live in a stream where you let the world

form you instead of break you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/25/16


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The Ending



It started long ago,
In a place not many dare to venture,
It was a miracle we got there at all,
But I am ever so delighted that we did.


The most beautiful sights,
A forest of glorious trees,
A river flowing the clearest water,
A cool breeze and a setting sun.


Wandering down the path,
Eventually a sight so foreign appears,
This unnamed creature,
An animal perhaps,


Or is it human?
And we are just unaware…


Approach with caution,
You don’t want to frighten it,
For although it looks harmless,
You can never know for sure.


Closer and closer still.


It becomes frightened,
And takes off running,
Friend or foe unknown,
But the pursuit has begun.


Through trees and bushes,
Over hills and bridges,
Around every obstacle it puts in our way,
And it appears again.


This time it faces us head on,
And bows,
A surrender?


It is honoring us,
As if saying congratulations,
It has conceded to our catch.


What is the catch?
What is this creature?
It is still unknown,
And it is clear it wishes to remain so.


Its honor returned,
It beckons our follow,
Obedience seems inevitable,
It leads into an unknown part of these woods.


It is here,
And it speaks,
“I have been caught,
And I commend my worthy adversaries.”

Further confusion persists,
For what was the competition,
What was caught,
What was earned?


It speaks again,
“Humans of your nature rarely reach to this point,
For you lack the patience, and determination necessary.
I am proud of you all,
And forever will be,
Keep these values close to your heart,
And you will live a life of treasure and ease.”


It has said all it needs,
And directs towards the exit of the forest,
Leaving now,
The creature’s message stays close.


Do not be impatient,
Allow time for life to develop,
Do not force things to happen,
For life will lead you down the right path.


Stay determined and persevere,
For you never know the treasures life holds.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Perhaps the greatest form of understanding, is not understanding at all...

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Yesterday I heard the Earth Breathe

Yesterday, by a stream, I heard the Earth breathe and sensed the rhythm of her blood flow.
As I listened to her water rush by and felt a gentle zephyr blow.

I stood at the base of her waterfall...and by her power was enthralled
As I watched her shed her summer leaves as she welcomed in the Fall.



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Clouds Got In The Way

Yesterday I tried to watch a sunset...but clouds got in the way
And before I knew it I found myself in a painting by Monet.

In an instant I was enveloped...the clouds and I were one
And from inside the comfort of my cloud...I forgot about the sun.


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Melting Together

Melancholic electrical patterings

Of heavens melted eyes

Raging natural conquerors 

Or poets of warm twilight


Renewed by tempest history

Engaged by freedoms mind

Toasted in the fires 

That echoes through the night


Invaded by stars of August 

As the mushroom spores unfurl

As natures tempered energy

Awakes us to the call


No more the dreaded nothing

Away you sinful ruse

Come here to me dear Gaia

As I make the well thought move


But no I will not own you

There's no way you'll be tamed 

Just let me sink right into you 

And I'll let you do the same


And as we come together

In every rightful way

We'll open up each other 

And light will flood our veins


As we sing our song together

With patience and with care

As light swims nice with darkness

And one is everywhere

We'll be there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The thunder and lightning made me write it.

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