Mary Shelley Wrote Frankenstein At Age 19

Animal Rights


Why did the vegetarian Mary Shelley, wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley, at age 19 write Frankenstein? As her way of illustrating the cruelty of research on animals.

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Its Alive

Held to together,

this old corpse,

continues to rise

out of its grave


Alive, it's alive,

neurons fire,

unresolved disputes

of emotion,


The emptiness felt

in being a freak,

misery, the lonely



Carnal hate, the shadows

provide refuge from the light,

dwelling in catacombs of despair,

slowly starving, wasting away




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                          By JFarrell


The lightening strikes;

My skin prickles with its intensity;

My breath catches

And though I hear the first undulating rumblings,

It’s only when I feel the thunder’s vibrations beneath my feet,

That my clenched chest is released and I can breath again.


Outside, the rain lashes my windows like pebbles;

The wind howls its sorrow, its fear;

But in the darkness of my tower, I smile;

My whole body is tingling with the power and excitement;

  1. … 2… 1…


    I push the lever as the lightening turns my world to blind silver

    And the breath is sucked out of me;

    As the very atmosphere is awakened by the charge

    And is drawn, as if by the elements themselves,

    To the heart of the patchwork cadaver before me.


    I hold my breath in anticipation;

    Eyes wide with excitement, smiling like an idiot

    As the stampede of static-charged air centres on me

    And crashes in with an explosion of bass

    Forcing me to me knees.



    In the stillness of the storm;

    Between the lightening and the thunder;

    Between the rat-a-tat of the rain;

    I hear IT breathe.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

thank you Victor F.