The Man and the Ocean

It is always in the ceaseless motion
And it was exactly the one, who had it perfectly done!
His name was the powerful ocean
With joy he supported the plan.


We live as we’ve lived and the question of how?
The nature suddenly did us allow,
To possess and to use such a valuable gift
From whom we’ve been fed, and all wisdom conceived.
The questions we’ve had, and still have them now!


You stood on the bridge of this life
With the wonderful rooted idea…
And the doubts which have been left in the rear
Couldn’t reach your unstoppable drive.


For the crafts you’ve been gifted
Nothing seemed to exist,
To create any mist,
Not to let your success to be lifted.


From there, onwards, you went far from earth to the sky,
Like the birds you’ve got wonderful wings,
Like these birds you have finally learned how to fly.
And you rose far above other beings!


With the wonder you went, with the wonder you go
Working hard on these new revelations…
And they stand now revealed by the man, in the row,
Leading us to the other dimensions!


What’s the next in this ceaseless motion?
Can we have it all perfectly done?
And we hope, that the powerful ocean
Still with joy will support our plan!





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The Nature

Like in a wonderful dream
You can fly with the beautiful birds!
As a gifted writer you create your unrepeatable song,
Which contains many vital and remarkable words;
All about that we travel so far and so long,
And we have to be brave and we have to be strong
For in order to pass through your rapid stream.
Only You, not the kings neither majestic lords
Can provide us with the warmth of sunbeam!


You're full of endowments which we'll never possess;
Full of love, full of light, full of grace!
And although, we all strive to achieve your success,
We're destined to have second place.


With your power and might you will stay side by side,
And we ask for your fair permission
To continue here our mission,
And to have your so valuable guide.


Call the children of Earth with the pride of an eagle!
Gather them for in order to give
All the beautiful answers, which can solve any riddle;
They should know that the Nature wants us to live!




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You are near...

A gentle beam of the sun
Touches locks of your beautiful hair,
And the sudden breeze of the fresh salty air
Brings the thoughts of indescribable joy and quietness...
And it seems, that the time now has lost its usual run,
And the day has strengthened its brightness.


The sweet song of a nightingale
Flows into the peaceful and warm atmosphere,
I feel your gentle touch and we see how there
In the blue sunny sky spindrift clouds appear...
I raise the anchor in order to sail
For I know you are near...




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Dance of the Dragonfly




Large cup-shaped crater at the public gardens

Filled with water, lilies, and maiden grasses

Home to a family of ducks and koi, who

Swim gently under skipping water striders


A space free of predators. A protected habitat.

Ample time to watch the dragonflies dance

Above rippling water and wind-waved reeds

Pellets of food provided by hands outreached


When people have stopped their bustling

The sun’s hot rays have wrapped up the day

With Orion watching amid sparkling stars

On solid steady rock, I tuck my feet and head


Ease into a bowl-shaped slumber

Secure as protected unhatched egg

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Synthetic blue screen backdrop/


Conference calls hovering above

Horizons of fake wood in front of

Botox bodies high on prescriptions…


Blogging about buying bitcoins on eBay.

Politically correct — and very dry 


Pushing Send on smart phones, to

Simple 160-character texts, about

Reality television and the latest .com


A human-looking emoticon at the end.

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Winter Walk

Wrapped in a woolen vest

I walk along the stream.

I donned my warmest boots, no less,

To explore this winter dream.


Snow blankets the forest floor

But the sun is bright in the sky.

I travel this soggy corridor 

No reason, no purpose, no why.


Limbs, they pop, snap, and creak.

My eyes glance up to see

The sun is causing their load to leak;

What was frozen now drips on me.


There in the bend a young doe deer

Has become curious of what I am.

She bolts and runs, no doubt in fear,

Though woolen, I am no lamb.


My legs grow tired slipping, sliding

As I climb an Icy knoll

There I spy, in a broad oak, hiding,

A squirrel in the edge of its hole.


The fragrance of pine is in the air

Heavy, needled branches break.

Down the next hill I must take care

So not to slide into the lake.


My soul companion has grown long

And crossed in front of me.

It's time that I should go back home

And let this beauty be.





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A Path Towards Nowhere

As I gain control of the sun,

I don't know where these feelings came from

And soon engulfed in the power, I became corrupt

My soul at stake, and my heart sewn shut


With all to have, and everything to lose

To people to expect you, but later no one to enthuse


And like anything, nothing seems to go as planned

Beauty and grace, quickly sunken in the quicksand


Will you and I become like the one everyone dreams?

Or be the source of why everyone shivers and screams?


Tell me, is everything ever so perfect?

When all we see is beauty in the defect?


The balance must be exact, they say

Else things quickly fade and thus, end night and day


Life is so very hard, don't you think?

The pure water turns to blood, quickly down your sink


But you and I have lost the mind to care

When you've gone down a path towards nowhere


As I go deeper, the world becomes dark and lonely

Life becomes artificial, greedy, and phony

Even the calmest of hearts can go dark

To the quietest rabbit, into a hungry shark

And the sky has no own to owe it to shine down to

Our hearts are now corrupt, frozen, and black and blue

And thus everything becomes pitch black

And those we love the most, die from a heart attack

All because we ignored the qualities we lack.

Everything can change by just one small decision

Little do we know it can change what we envision

What ever will you call a home now?

Everything but the past and dust upon what we call living

To what we cherished, fought, and nature that was once giving...

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Sapphire Sun

Heavens  sapphire sun shone down that day;

Hot, as if drawing ever near to thee;
On thy shoulders broad, doth rest
Its beam,  nay oft forgiveth He.
Dost thine current rushe forthe 
upon mine feet, O stream?
Or speaketh in soft monotone
Of a past left n'er to be told?
For the shale which we shall beholde
As thyne clock: for the years are 
as of water swift, and thyne love
is her contoured stone.
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Star Child

Are you a star child? 

 Can you make the flowers bloom 
with a wave of your hand?
Do diamonds wonder what it would be like
 to be you?
Do your words linger long
 like waves, 
made to lap the beaches velvet shore
 and rock in its poetic ebb?
Does your gravity pull the 
 into the infinite orbit of your eyes; 
and when welling a tear,
could they wash away the sea?
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