The air can blow us away,

But we can also blow air.

We can create air to use on others,

Yet air can not create us to use on air.

It is tossed around,

Is trapped and might never be set free,

Yet we need it for ourselves

So it can blow away our biggest fears.

Known for its power to move boulders,

And yet a feather is heavier than itself,

Can destroy houses that we live in,

Yet still whistles a song of peace.

We destroy it’s home for luxury

As we sacrifice the luxury to have it.

We sacrifice our own,

So we can give it to others.

Yin might say it holds our lives,

While Yang says it is the death of us,

Yang uses it for power,

While Yin is its only family.

They soon want to run away with each other,

As we cry for it to comeback,

Only for us to torture it’s home,

So it can stay trapped forever.

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