Compartmentalization and categorization are such crucial aspects that dictate how we engage our reality

Is that a bomb or a clock?

A beloved or a stranger?

The ability to categorize is surely a primordial mechanism that enhanced one primal objective

Survive and reproduce

This means that

That is, or is not, a threat to my survival

I ask myself

Does this compartmentalization… this categorization, permeate my personality?

My me.

Is who I am at any given moment an amorphous, dynamic transition from one category to the next? or is who I am a cast that has not yet cured by the apathy of time?

If the latter, is there time left to influence this structure that will gradually, but inevitably, relinquish its malleability? If the former, am I frozen in a perpetual state of limbo - an individual, but dividable?

Am I discrete or am I a spectrum? Am I both and neither? like the very matter that comprises me?


This juxtaposition only recapitulates the riddle. It does not answer.

This is an irony that me, me and me, marvel.

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