Let me be just me!

               Let me be just Me!  

Im trying to be happy and live life the way I want to live

But sometimes life can be stubborn and wont ever give

And it seems the progress ive made has gone far away

Why does this keep happening to me how can I convey

But as I get older I realize its me who needs to make them see

That I want to be only me so please let me be just me

Some try to boss me and some try to make me feel blue

But now they do know that ive changed and have bid them ado

I have taking a stand and have let them all know to let me be

I know who I am and again I say let me be just me!!!!!

                    Zoeycup 16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some of my friends and family try hard to help me but it ends up turning sour in the end!!!

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Now *Title??*

I'm not who I used to be.


I used to be such a trusting person.

I used to be such a happy girl.

I used to be such a big smiler.

I don't believe what I used to.

I used to believe that everyone was good.

I used to believe that everyone will be loved.

I used to believe that everyone is truthful.

That was before.

That was before I was repetively hurt.

That was before I was repetively passed over.

That was before I was repetively rejected.

Now I'm a different person.

Now I'm slowly breaking inside.

Now I'm a less trusting person.

Now I'm a pro at pretending like I'm ok.

Now I believe differently.

Now I believe that I'll only be the friend.

Now I believe that I am not good enough.

Now I believe that no one loves me.

This is after.

This is after they used me.

This is after they lead me on.

This is after they left me broke.

Now. I. Am. Different.

Now. I. Am. Changed.

Now. I. Am. Broken.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please let me know what you think!!

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When Roses Grow Thorns

Above the rest you grow
beautiful you must know

mature and compose
as time goes some doze
but never does my nose
my sweet smelling rose

i promised to be gentle

i stuck to my decree
as thorns grew through thee
thorns sticking onto me
i came to see it was not me....

but of cold and sleet
simply had you beat

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my first and favorite poem. written in a sloppy iambic pentameter . I wrote this one about a girl who turned on me.

Oh How You've Changed

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

Oh, what happened to the good times?
Did they simply fade away?
Oh no, they're still here.
As well as they are there.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

We laughed, we sang,
But now you have changed.
We laughed, we cried,
We practically died.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

We laughed, we played,
But you're not the same
We fought, we lied,
We were practically deprived.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

We laughed, we cried,
Remembering the good times.
But we know they'll stay the same.
And it still faded from our minds.
Until we go back in time.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I LOVE this poem! It's another one of my favorites that I've written! It's about friendship and how it changes as you get older. I had to write a changing friendship poem for school.

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Too Quickly.

You seem to misunderstand, dear one.
I did not say this would be fun!
Pft, no, you won't be in charge.
Yes, there should be suspicion at large.
I'm no warrior woman knight,
Here to help you to the light.
Bet you wish you'd've gotten the nymph.
Warriors have their downfall, as big as cliffs.
Your attempts to seduce me are for naught.
I'll grace you, since my amusement is caught.
Make your death quick with a painless blow,
No reason to worry, just like you told me so.
Any last words, sweetheart?
Any pleas before I cut you all apart?
Well, Hell, see how I hesitate?
And see the hunger in your eyes, in which can't be sated!
This must be some sick jest.
For the life of me, impossible to push this blade into chest.
Some kind of curse; I have to get rid of it! I must!
Stop looking at me with that intensity, that lust.
This softening of my heart can't be real.
Finish your kiss with a bond of seal!
Break my ice; free me at last.
Make me forget my terrible past.

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Life As a Martian

Day by day im on this planet -- the more i realize i jus cant stand it -- wen i was a human i couldn't see -- all of what that was in front of me -- people lie ; people steal ; people cry ; people feel -- so why is it wen we all heal -- we feel da need to put up that shield -- that extra armor to protect our heart -- that extra armor to protect who we are -- we fight the fight to stay our way -- we fight the fight but do not change -- we do not realize this armor is stained -- we do not realize dat we still feel pain -- all we did was block da hate -- we didnt evolve -- we stood the same -- we didnt resolve -- we didnt change -- we live and die as we came -- as human -- then we pray -- to be reborn as something new -- to feel unique to feel beautiful -- now i see the world as it is -- open doors -- i see da bliss -- i see it all -- i see da bullshit -- no longer do i seem dazed -- no longer am i caged -- i am not da same i have changed -- no longer in ur race -- being human not the case -- I'm something new something far -- something different beyond does stars -- so when u approach -- approach with caution -- cause wen u approach ur approaching a martian -- but do not fear - u may come near -- cuz i need to see if u have does eyez -- i need to see if ur my wife -- and if ur not then its ok -- cuz i'll keep searching till da end of dayz -- like that moon up in da sky -- we far apart -- but not at heart -- & even tho I'm on this fucked up planet -- I never really ever landed -- my heart is up there next to u -- and i kno ur beyond beautiful -- I do not feel this earth beneath my feet -- what i feel each day is our beat -- our heart -- our hum -- our music -- our drum -- wat i feel each day is she -- and i will not rest untill we meet -- cuz baby ur my 1 and only martian bride to be ~

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