Let me be just me!

               Let me be just Me!  

Im trying to be happy and live life the way I want to live

But sometimes life can be stubborn and wont ever give

And it seems the progress ive made has gone far away

Why does this keep happening to me how can I convey

But as I get older I realize its me who needs to make them see

That I want to be only me so please let me be just me

Some try to boss me and some try to make me feel blue

But now they do know that ive changed and have bid them ado

I have taking a stand and have let them all know to let me be

I know who I am and again I say let me be just me!!!!!

                    Zoeycup 16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some of my friends and family try hard to help me but it ends up turning sour in the end!!!

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