She told me about a surprise,

I didn’t consider it unwise,

To ask about it finally,

But she dealt with it in a way, sneaky!


I have no idea what is there for me,

I’ll get the awaited reward maybe,

Perhaps something unexpected is coming,

Something awfully special, something amazing!


Waiting on and on for that certain day,

When the mystery’ll perish as darkness succumbs to ray!

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British Surprise

British weather is cold and windy,

One two three

He is like no other.


Accidents happen most of the time;

He is her accident,

He is her surprise; a wonderful surprise.


Thousand miles away,

Are hands that are yet to be touched,

Lips to be kissed,

And bodies to meet.

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Half Asleep

Drifting between worlds
Of blurry terrors
And a confusing reality,
A feeling of alertness
Takes over and
Keeps the nightmares
At bay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel like this on special occasions.

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Silly Poems

Waiting for my toast to pop.
Waiting for my toast to pop.
Waiting for my toast to pop.
I know it’s coming.
I know it’s going to pop up soon.

This is taking forever.
Maybe I’ll just get my plate and knife out a while.
Do I want butter or jam?

Okay, I have everything.

Still no toast yet.

How long is this going to-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because you all know you feel the same way.

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