*A Lasting Impression*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

A first kiss
A first touch
A first glance into those eyes
A first hug
A first for everything

That first kiss I really miss
That first touch again I want it so much
That first glance into your eyes
An imaginable lover in disguise
That first hug I cant wait to feel your arms
Warm and snug
The first for everything to me I want you to bring

A lasting impression
Is what i left
A loving affection
Is what i wish to get 


A lasting impression
Is what i brought to your mind
A lasting question
Why does God bless me with such a find


A lasting impression
Is what i bestow
A lasting gentleness
I love how much it grows


A lasting kindness
With great happiness
A lasting loveliness
Is what will show
And a bond so great that we will know


A lasting impression
I left on your heart
Is one I hold dearly
Always forever and never part



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