forever love

Affectionate she.... - Kavinda Withanage

Future time became the death
Present time is behind the world
I was acquainted she
We are overselves was we


I everyday not i
I everyday can be in she
Me was forever dead
Let her life

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Love is Life Criticism......

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Something are lost
Something are found
Somethings Perish
Somethings apear
Somthings greater than others
Somthings soo small and tiny
From Dusk to Dawn I am searching
searching for answers
Answers to questens
That have messed my mind
answers to questens No one knows
no one but me
Even in the dullest of days
sharpest nights
Fear stricks me on these answers
But why to These extreames i must go
To find these answers
to put my mind to rest
to soothe my soul
to let me sleep
Something are lost
Something are found
Somethings Perish
Somethings apear
Somthings greater than others
Somthings soo small and tiny

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just somthing i wrote in my free time :P

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Blue Valentine (version 1)

This girl man shes so beautiful she rips me apart // but dats wen she saw my inside & fell in love with my heart // She often wondered why I had a heart of silver & blue // i told her baby its because it's filled with emotions of you // all the love is just so much to endure // it's clogging my heart // but that // I choose to ignore // cuz baby girl i just love you so ever more // yea im your valentine // your blue valentine // i hope our love will last forever both in space & time // & with our love entwined & our hearts aligned let's make love on this beach beneath the moonshine // lets show the world what true love really is down by the shoreline // baby girl just know that ur name is always written in my heart line // & as long as I'm with you my heart will always be blue cuz when it comes to you my love will always stay true // & as you open ur eyes and awaken to the sunshine // just know I will be there besides u // ur forever valentine <3


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem on valentines day ; i wrote 2 versions to it, this is part 1. let me know what you think.

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Love & Romance


Long have I waited, for loves gentle kiss

A calling of the heart, I could not resist.

Its soft gentle touch… that, I’d never fear

Whispering sweet words, into my ear.

Maybe when younger, I watched too much TV?

Errol Flynn was my idol, he taught romance to me!

Respect for a woman, Cary Grant was the man

Helping a woman from the car, I offer my hand!

I believe spoiling ones lover, is a joy we should savor

And, doing anything for them, is freewill, not a favor.

Snuggling up close, on those cold winter nights

Enjoying passionate kisses; only seems right.

To Honor and trust, is to love and respect

To find one that believes this, I, haven’t yet!

Brushes with love… I’ve had in my time

Finding love that’s returned, I haven’t found mine.


Fighting and arguing, can last, all night long

Remember; being right… doesn’t mean you’re not wrong.

Energy spent screaming, or shouting in hate

Is better; best used, making love to your mate!

And speaking of sex, here’s my point of view

Keeping in mind, I’m talking sex between two

Fulfilling each others fantasies, can be hours of fun

Just as long as you both agree, and no harm is done.

Long have I waited, for the one who is true!

My gift from God, that loves as I do

Her morals are mine, our beliefs, are the same!

The one who, doesn’t think, that love is a game.

©Paul A. Posney


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My version/idea of fairytale love...

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