My father's Guitars

Since I had memory, my father has always have a guitar on his bedroom, through the times he had changed his guitars, but in spite of this he had never changed his love for music and he had never been without a guitar. He had always had a strong passion for the rock music, he used to be in a band long time ago when he was at school, and after all that time my dad had never lose the love of playing music just for himself. When I was 10, my father has always played his old 12 chord guitar on the night just before dinner, it was normal to me to always hear music inside the house at any time at the day because of my father, is like I'm in a musician's world, and I don't feel sorry or stuck because I don't play any instrument, because that is something that I know that I was not born to do, but even so me and my mother are the silent audience on any place of the house feeling great to hear those beautiful chords of the guitar, and sometimes he doesn’t even know that sometimes our neighbors wait for the time that my father’s starts to play the guitar. But specially the guitar is the sound that makes me know what is my father feeling in that precise moment, because when he is excited or happy about something on his life like a new big project on work, he plays his old hard-rock music playlists, that are all crazy and beautiful at the same time, but never losing the way he transmit those feelings through the guitar. And there is another days that he feels stressed or having problems with his family or work, and I feel that after all, they are not bad at all, because we as a family knows that our father is stressed, then we sat in the dining room to eat this weir cheese that my mom buys and drink wine with my sister and sometimes with cousins, to listen to their songs a little more relaxed style. Because we know that the guitars that he had are just an object that represent the problems that are constantly changing, I see it somehow that we all have issues in our life’s, and if you stay with them all your life, you’ll be not able to deal with them you’ll be stuck forever on those issues that life gives you, or you will just loose that interest for the things you love to do, in the case of my father to play music with his brand new guitars.

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